Previous Winners
YearName% ReturnCompetition
2010Andrea Unger240%Futures/Forex
Kurt Sakaeda22%Stocks
2009Andrea Unger115%Futures
Tim Rayment44%Forex
Chuck Hughes122%Stocks
2008 Unger, Andrea672%Futures
Mitchell, Rob57%CME E-mini (1st Quarter)
Rea, Tim 83%CME E-mini (3rd Quarter)
Sorota, Richard25%CME E-mini (2nd Quarter)
Sorota, Richard21%CME E-mini (4th Quarter)
Johnson, Bryan48%Stocks
2007 Cook, Michael250%Futures
Sakaeda, Kurt104%Forex
Goldberg, Ken121%CME E-mini (3rd Quarter)
Sorota, Richard61%CME E-mini (4th Quarter)
Hughes, Chuck229%Stocks
2006Davey, Kevin107%Futures
Holsinger, John18%Forex
Zhang, Wenchen73%Stocks
2005 Twardus, Ed278%Futures
Hughes, Chuck30%Stocks
2004 Sakaeda, Kurt929%Futures
Rayment, Tim 63%Forex
Matar, Ash26%Stocks
2003Int'l. Capital Mngt88%Futures
Stearns, Jeff245%Stocks
2002Holsinger, John608%Futures
Jensen, Tom71%Stocks
2001Cash, David53%Futures
Jacobs, Larry3%Stocks
2000 Sakaeda, Kurt595%Futures
Garner Steve24%Stocks
1999Hughes, Chuck315%Futures
1998Park, Jason99%Futures
1997 Williams, Michelle1000%Futures
1996 Rentsch, Reinhart95%Futures
1995 Minogue, Dennis*219%Futures
Suler, Frank85%Futures
1994Hedreen, Richard173%Futures
1992Lundgren, Mike212%Futures
1991Kobara, Thomas200%Futures
1990 Lundgren, Mike244%Futures
1989Lundgren, Mike176%Futures
1988Kline, David148%Futures
1987Williams, Larry11376%Futures
1986Thayer, Henry231%Futures
1985Casazzone, Ralph 1283%Futures
1984Casazzone, Ralph 264%Futures
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Trading futures, forex and stocks involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
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