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»Why would investing across several unrelated groups smooth out my risk?

The answer is that the returns of different asset classes are based on different events. Stocks, fixed income and real estate are asset classes typical for many investors, and can provide good diversification - especially at the earlier stages of saving and investing. Even cash accounts, like money markets and bank CDs, can play a part in lowering the overall risk of your total investments.

»What are alternative investments?

The general category of "alternative investments" can include a lot of different investment types. Hedge funds, oil and gas partnerships, stock options, commodity futures and options, foreign exchange and various managed accounts can fall into this category. Because the returns have little or no relation to those of other investments groups, alternative investments can be considered another separate investment class.

»Why do investors care about diversifying their investments?

All investments hold pitfalls for investors; even cash will lose value over time because of inflation. Investing funds in several different asset classes can smooth the ups and downs of their total portfolio. An investment class that performs well in the long-run, can play a critical role in overall investment strategy.

»How do clients benefit from PFGBEST Wealth Management services?

Different asset classes involve specialized knowledge and expertise, and investors can find it difficult to invest effectively in alternative investments. Decisions involve not only different markets, but also different strategies and approaches.

PFGBEST Wealth Management clients access markets and strategies specifically designed for retail investors, which saves time and money. Once you know what to look for, then you can consider your choices and pick what makes sense for you, given your current needs.

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