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Before you begin using your BESTDirect Online Simulated Trading program, it's wise to get some simple instructions on how to use it properly. We believe an educated trader is a successful trader. For this reason we have put together the following tips on using BESTDirect Online Simulated Trading. If you are unfamiliar with any terms, there is a glossary available on this site for your convenience.

You have a unique and confidential user name and password. After you have used these to log on, click on the red not connected button. The status will turn green and you are now ready to trade.


1. Select "Sell" on the left side of your trade ticket

3. Select the "Qty" (quantity)

4. Select the "Year" (system defaults to 01)

5. Select the "Month"

6. Select the contract

7. Select the type of order (i.e., market, limit, etc.)

8. Click on "Demo"

9. A confirmation window will appear to allow you to verify your order. If the order is correct, click on "Yes"


Select "Buy" on the left side of your trading ticket and follow the same procedure as stated above.

Fill Confirmation:
When your order is filled, a filled order window appears, indicating the quantity, commodity and fill price.

Order Management: Your order management section on the bottom of the trading ticket indicates what has happened to your orders throughout the day. So, at a glance you will be able to see whether your trade is working, filled, canceled or rejected. They are all color coded for easy viewing.

Position Reference: At the top of your trade ticket you will find the position reference box that updates automatically. This allows you to continually monitor your open position in real-time.

Using the Price Ladder: The price ladder allows you to fill out an order ticket for a stop or limit order with one click. For example, to place a 5-point stop above the market, select the price on the price ladder and right click the mouse. You will be given the option of entering a sell limit or a buy stop. Left click the mouse to highlight your choice and your order ticket is generated. Click submit and confirm that your order is correct. To place a buy limit below the market, select your price, right click, select buy limit, submit the order, and confirm that it's correct.

Order Status: You can always check the status of your order in the order management section. Remember, green background for working, red background for canceled, and regular white background for filled.

To Cancel or Cancel/Replace an Order:
1. Using your order status window:Select the order you want to change
2. Right click on that order
3. Select "Cancel Trade" or "Cancel/Replace Trade"
4. Once your order has been canceled, the status will turn red.

We encourage you to work with the broker assigned to assist you. He or she is there to help you understand the system and, hopefully, you will enjoy your trading experience.

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