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Robert J. Short, Sr. Livestock Analyst
PFGBEST Research

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Bob Short brings extensive contacts within the meat industry and a large number of relationships with CME Group floor traders and trading desk personnel along with several decades of trading for his own account to bear for PFGBEST Research and customers around the world.

Bob's experience includes a number of years' experience with managed commodity futures accounts for customers of Shearson Lehman Brothers, and with the PFGBEST commitment to sustainable investing, he helps current investors and traders to capitalize on opportunities in managed products as they pertain to commodity allocations.

In a role with Bear Sterns in the 1990s, Bob facilitated that firm's entry into livestock futures trading and hedging of beef and pork products, a capability that was greatly needed for their expansive business interests.

Before that, he participated in the market as a hedger and seller of pork and beef cuts as the president of SMC Holding Company, which at that time owned Bluebird Foods as well as controlling interests in food processing companies Agar Foods and Patrick Cuday. His role included doing extensive private trades for these large U.S. food processors while also working with large-scale cattle feeders.

Earlier in his futures industry career, Bob was a broker with Heinhold Commodities, and right after college, he worked for Reliance Electric and Emerson Electric.

Bob holds a B.S. Degree from Purdue University.