Options Services

PFGBEST offers you a variety of options trading products and strategies. From very basic to extremely advanced futures option trading, PFGBEST has the platforms and order desk that will work for your investment and trading needs.

» Futures Options

The BESTDirect Online Trading platform routes electronic option orders directly into the electronic exchanges. Pit-traded options can also be routed to the order desk through PFGBEST.

» Order Desk

The trade desk at PFGBEST can place any option order. PFGBEST´s fully-staffed order desk is always available for brokers and clients to place orders over the phone. This is important for a variety of reasons – complex option strategies, customers who wish to check on orders when they're away from the desk, or simply because they want to get price or volume data for a thinly traded market. Whatever the reason, PFGBEST recognizes the need to have an experienced order desk, and that order desk is available around the clock.

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