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» What are managed futures?

» What´s a CTA?

» How do managed futures compare to stocks and bonds?

» How are managed futures used in an investment portfolio?

» How can diversification through using managed futures help reduce risk?

» Who regulates Commodity Trading Advisors?

» What are the costs, and how do CTAs get paid?

» How much money should I invest in managed futures and how do I open an account?

» Are there any tax benefits to investing in managed futures?

» Are managed futures suitable for all investors?

» Why is the CTA’s Disclosure Document so important?

» What is the minimum investment needed to establish an account?

» Have there been any performance comparison studies between self-directed traders and CTAs?

» How does an investor interpret a track record in judging the performance of a CTA?

» What is correlation?

» What is a front-end load fee?

» What is a break-even analysis?

» What is notional funding?

» What is total return?

» What is compound annual return?

» What is average annual return?

» What is monthly standard deviation?

» What is the Sharpe ratio?

» What is the downside deviation?

» What is a drawdown?

» What is WDD or worst drawdown as calculated by Barclays?

» What is average recovery time?

» What is VAMI?

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