Futures Services

Whether you're new to futures trading, or are an experienced trader; PFGBEST offers you the service, tools and the technology to assist you in achieving your futures trading goals.

No matter what your trading style or needs may be, chances are PFGBEST has what you want.

Online Futures Trading

You have the advantage of choosing from many online trading applications to suit your needs. We can take you directly to the trading engines of all futures exchanges, whether it's the BESTDirect Online Trading platform, or another one of our PFGBEST trading products, you're sure to find a match.

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Broker Assistance

A PFGBEST broker-assisted account gives you access to a market professional with extensive trading and account service experience. Broker-assisted accounts are especially appropriate if you don't have the time to follow the markets as closely as you would like, are new to futures trading, or simply want professional guidance in your trading decisions.

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Managed Futures

While realizing that diversification from traditional stock and bond investments is critical to individuals and institutions seeking profit opportunities within the futures markets, many find value in having a professional CTA manage day-to-day responsibility and trading of their account. PFGBEST provides an excellent venue for participation in a variety of structured, consistent-return, low-volatility products including futures, options, forex and base commodities.

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Options Trading

PFGBEST offers you a variety of options trading products and strategies. From very basic to extremely advanced futures option trading, PFGBEST has the platforms that will work for your investment and trading needs.

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Simulated Trading

The best futures traders in the world were once at the same level of experience you are right now. What do you think they did to advance to the next level? PFGBEST BESTDirect Online Simulated Trading. Expertise doesnŽt happen by accident. It takes a commitment to doing those things you know will advance you towards your goal. With a BESTDirect Online Simulated Trading 30-day FREE trial, youŽll do more than test your new ideas. You'll be discovering what you can accomplish as a PFGBEST client.

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Live Customer Service

PFGBEST strives to provide the BEST customer service the industry has to offer. Technology can be a great tool, but sometimes without some personal attention it can also be a hassle - That's where PFGBEST makes the difference. With a PFGBEST account, you will experience the BEST of both worlds: technology and people.

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Please call (800) 553-1711 to speak with a Customer Relations Representative, or click here to open an account online.

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