Why Managed Forex

Managed account services at PFGBEST are key to the investment success of private individuals, financial institutions and global corporations which combine the highest level of account transparency and return on investments with a controlled level of risk. Utilizing the latest currency trading technologies, and partnerships with the leading assets management companies, PFGBEST is able to be a purveyor of the highest degree of professionalism in this competitive industry.

Clients achieve these immediate benefits when choosing PFGBEST Managed Forex:

• Asset diversification from forex trading that is not correlated to the equities market.

• Accounts traded by professional money managers.

• Greater flexibility in the use of leverage.

• Profit potential in both rising and falling markets.

• Real-time account management with live reporting.

• Liquidity of assets - money can be withdrawn on a monthly basis without fees or penalties.

The Modern Portfolio Theory

This theory states that a portfolio's risk could be reduced and its expected rate of return increased when dissimilar price movements were combined (non-correlated investment vehicles). Holding securities that tend to move in concert with each other is a strategy that does not lower risk. The understanding of Modern Portfolio Theory is that diversification reduces risk only when assets are combined whose prices move inversely, or at different times, in relation to each other.

While the technical underpinnings of the Modern Portfolio Theory are complex, its conclusion is simple and easy to understand: A diversified portfolio of uncorrelated asset classes, can provide the highest returns with the least amount of volatility.

Managed Forex Process

Utilizing the latest in technology, PFGBEST has provided access to the managed forex arena for the retail investor. Using advanced portfolio management, PFGBEST has the ability to instantly update created portfolios. A great feature considering PFGBEST constantly monitors trading advisor performance and strategy for consistency.

The allocation process is database driven technology with unlimited capacity. This allows for customized portfolios, automated portfolio rebalancing and reporting down to the penny.

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