FOREX Accumulation Program (FXAP)

The FXAP program allows for one time or monthly purchases of foreign currency. Investors who wish to participate in this market can now do so with an extremely low barrier to entry of just $100.There are four currencies currently offered : Euro, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollars.

FXAP brings the power of dollar cost averaging to the small investors while adding diversification to your portfolio offering a simple cost effective way to acquire foreign currency with systematic purchases. Once enrolled in FXAP the investor specifies the amount of money that is electronically transferred from his/her bank account every month and provides an allocation of currency to be purchased. PFGBEST can also accept all major credit cards.

Customers can keep track of all their purchases easily and conveniently with daily and monthly electronic statements. Your investment is marked to the market at the end of every day for tracking purposes. Choose the amount you wish to invest and create your own personalized investment plan and start to build your portfolio. Use your personal portfolio to hedge yourself against other investments that can be ravaged by potential deflation of the U.S. Dollar. As with any investment there is investment risk that should be carefully considered prior to making any purchase.

• Take advantage of dollar-cost-averaging

• Set-and-forget automatic deposits

• Receive interest on certain Foreign Currency

• No penalties for closing your account

• Many payment methods available

• Daily statements keep investor apprised of market movements

Trade risk-free for 30 days

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