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PFGBEST offers a variety of trading accounts at competitive and discounted commission rates. Customers can choose from a series of account types, or our system can mold to meet your needs for customized account management capabilities.

If you would like immediate assistance with selecting an account type or setting up an account, please call us directly or e-mail us: (888) 274-2916 or

As a firm committed to sustainable investing, we provide expertise in handling a variety of services across asset classes. Choose from futures, forex, options, managed accounts or systems trading, and we will work with you to create your account so that you are able to trade or invest in multiple asset classes from one single PFGBEST account.

This list of account types will help you learn more about specific benefits of PFGBEST platforms and services.

» Self-Directed Accounts

• Simple, reliable, efficient online trading for investors preferring to trade their own account with no broker assistance using the BESTDirect Online Trading platform
• The BESTDirect Online Trading platform allows you to have control of your portfolio directly from your own PC on your own schedule. Try a free futures trading demo today!
• Direct connections to electronic futures exchanges for lightning-quick trade execution and confirmations
Key features include real-time risk management and ease of operation for the individual trader
• Dedicated customer service desk
• Direct floor access for certain commodities
• Competitive discount rates
• Exchange minimum margins

» Full Service Broker-Assisted Accounts

Assistance from a knowledgeable, experienced broker
• Flexibility of trading on your own through the BESTDirect Online Trading platform, or having your broker place trades for you
• Access to brokers' strategies and trading systems
• Competitive rates
• Flash fills in certain markets during normal market conditions

» Managed Accounts

• For investors seeking profit opportunities, but not wanting to manage the day-to-day trading
• Professional management of your commodities portfolio
• Access to many CTAs who specialize in certain commodities or systems
• Instant updating and analysis enables continuous evaluation of programs
• Experienced commodity pool operators on staff to help you set up funds

» Forex Accounts

The PFGBEST Forex Division offers a full line of forex services to retail and institutional clients. PFGBEST forex clients have the benefit of a number of different trading system solutions, and PFGBEST has integrated its technology with up-to-the-minute breaking world and financial news to lend even more value through complete trading platforms. All of this is augmented by two, 24-hour dealing desks in Chicago and New York City, staffed by professional dealers ready to assist traders at any time. PFGBEST´s managed account services in forex are designed for private individuals, financial institutions and global corporations requiring the highest level of activity transparency. PFGBEST has also developed managed forex products that are accesible to smaller account sizes from $5,000 on up.

» Systems Trading

As more traders recognize the value of trading systems, PFGBEST has made its platform available to traders for auto-trading. There are several auto-trading solutions that are available to PFGBEST brokers and customers. Some of those entail more of a self-directed format, while others can be set up to be fully managed by PFGBEST. PFGBEST can also make its application programming interface (API) available for system writers who wish to set up an auto-trading system for PFGBEST customers.

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