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» BESTDirect Online Trading

The BESTDirect Online Trading platform routes electronic option orders directly into the electronic exchanges. Pit-traded options can also be routed to the Order Desk through BESTDirect Online Trading. BESTDirect Online Trading offers the most advanced option trading features, and includes streaming option price data.

Additional features of BESTDirect Online Trading:
• Real Time options quotes
• Properly calculates spread margins
• Features single-window trading capabilities for option trading
• Allows you to place orders for option outrights and spreads (2-legged or 3-legged)
• Has a designated market view options window that displays the price and quantity information for the current best bid and ask on a selected option contract.
• Has several windows available for quick quotes, quick order entry and quick spread orders - and you can trade through any of those windows.

» Options Explorer powered by PFGBEST

Options Explorer powered by PFGBEST also incorporates premium charting into a robust options platform. Genesis put its power for developing one of the industry's best analytical platforms for futures into developing Options Explorer.

Features of this platform include:
• Option Chain with point and click order entry
• Customizable columns in the options chain
• A portfolio section allows you to manage your trades your way
• Strategy section allows you to load prebuilt spreads
• Analyze risk of a position in regards to changes in: price, volatility, and the Greeks
• Volatility history is available to help you employ option strategies
• Outlook helps you find a strategy that best fits your set of price and volatility assumptions
• A probability calculator is another tool to help understand your chances of success

» OptionVue

OptionVue 7 is the ultimate options trading system. Built around professional-level analytics, it integrates real-time quotes, charting, portfolio management and more. Designed by seasoned option traders, OptionVue has been providing robust and accurate options software for over 28 years. Today, OptionVue continues to develop advanced options analysis tools to help you make better trading decisions and assist you in becoming a more savvy options trader overall. Request your free no-obligation 30-day trial package today.

OptionVue Features include:
• Real-Time Quotes
• Test & Build Strategies
• Track Entire Portfolio Risk
• Accurate Modeling
• Back-Test Trading Ideas
• Identify Profitable Strategies
• Performance Graphs
• Real-Time Scanning
• Find Unique Opportunities

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