ForexDealer is the newest platform to offer forex options trading with PFGBEST. It's completely customizable and comes loaded with real-time quotes screens, extensive reports and more!

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» Completely customizable, feature-rich trade station with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

» Extensive reporting with tradable charting, analytics and algorithmics.

» Real-time option quote screens consistent with stock and futures options trading.

» Real-time revaluation of portfolio - See the impact on your portfolio before effecting changes. Reduces risk by showing you exactly where you are positioned before and after making price changes.

» Three views of option quotes; detailed option analytics, multi-expiry summary grid quotes, or top-of-the-markets option views of multiple forex pairs, or all views.

» Multiple tradable chart windows displaying open spot and options positions and pending orders.

» Live account and position tracking tabs for Trade Flow, Open Positions, Open Position Summary, Closed/Canceled Orders and Account Summary.

» Animated hidden Symbol Finder for quick access to new forex pairs.

» Aggregated and detailed graphical and tabular analysis of all open positions in a any given symbol.

» Filtering by instrument type, order status and tenor.

» Time/price/volatility analysis across multiple scenarios.

» Strategy simulator for viewing portfolio with added/closed position changes.

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» Strategy Optimizer analyzes all possible permutations of strikes and expiries in a given symbol to determine the most efficient combination of long and short puts and calls among a single or combination of option strategies, thereby allowing traders to quickly maximize profit potential and minimize risk for any price/time market expectation.

» Margin Calculator allows a trader to instantly determine the actual margin for any combination of long or short spot and single or multi-leg long/short calls/puts, by using our proprietary Risk-based Margining system.

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