Easy to Use. Advanced Charts. Feature-Rich.

MotiveWave offers sophisticated charts and drawing tools that are highly customizable and easy to use. MotiveWave has all of the features (and more) that you would expect in a professional trading platform.

MotiveWave is an easy-to-use charting, analysis and trading platform, built for the individual trader, which also specializes in advanced analysis tools like Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Gartley, Gann and Ratio Analysis. MotiveWave is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX platforms.

»Elliott Wave

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• Pattern recognition and manual tools, along with Elliot Wave Theory rules, allow you to shorten your learning curve to be more confident in your wave counts

• Wave labels automatically added for you

• Ratio analysis (both time and price)

• Highly configurable preferences

• Ability to create and save separate alternate analyses for possible diverging outcomes


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• Pattern recognition and manual tools

• 20 Gartley components (bull and bear)

• Gartley key ratios and regions


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• 30 Fibonacci components

• Highly advanced and configurable Fibonacci ratio tools

• Time and ratio analysis

• Custom ratio sets and styles

» Gann

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• 27 Gann components

• Gann time and ratio analysis

» Advanced Analysis Tools

• Use click and drag components or plot the points yourself

• Lines, components and patterns can be adjusted after being placed

• Labels are automatically added for you; every component can be snapped to any bar

• Create and save charts and alternate analyses

• Highly customizable and advanced commentary components

• Compact Mode and Tile windows features make best use of screen real estate and multiple monitors

• General analysis tools like trend lines, channels, forks, indicators, studies, instrument overlays, and more are included

• The Software Development Kit (SDK) creates custom indicators and strategies using Java™. More information and documentation on SDK can be found at http://support.motivewave.com/sdk/

• Strategy Optimizer- Allows for strategy optimization through backtesting

» Replay Mode

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Need to practice your prediction skills? MotiveWave's Replay Mode allows you to start at any day/time from the past and play back historical data. You can run multiple charts at the same time, choose tick or bar data, set the time delay between each tick or bar and speed up, slow down, or pause the playback.

» Advanced Trading Tools and Order Management

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• Trade directly from Bid/Ask boxes, the DOM, Trade panel, Quote Sheets or directly from the chart price axis with one click

• View Market Depth in the DOM (Depth of Market) window, or use the Trade panel to see Market Depth on each chart

• Click and drag an order to a new price level on the chart to modify the order

• Create new orders, adjust or cancel existing orders directly from the charts or the Orders panel

• Manage all of your orders, positions and account balances in one location

• Customize your trading preferences, order presets, order hotkeys, how orders are placed, plus much more

• Exhaustive and Genetic Optimization give you the choice to test all combinations of optimal settings and use a genetic algorithm to find ideal parameters

• Walk Forward finds the best settings for a strategy and tests the strategiesí data to measure the performance outside of the optimization data

» Account Management and Analysis

• Various reports on backtest results are available including a summary of metrics and graphical trade history that shows each trade and P&L on a historical price chart

• Report Graphs show Net Profit, Cumulative Profit, Trades Profit/Loss, Efficiency, etc.

• Period Metrics, Trades and Executions are shown in a tabular format that shows the metrics defined by period and the executed orders in the backtest scenario

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