Getting Started

The Autochartist application should be automatically installed with your next MT4 update, however, if you fail to locate the Autochartist Custom Indicators(Chart Patterns, Fibonacci Patterns, Key Levels, and Power Stats) you can manually add them by following the simple steps below:

Step 1: Click Here to Download the MT4 Plug-in
Step 2: In MT4 go to: Tools | Options | Expert Advisors
Step 3: Check "Allow DLL Imports"
Step 4: Do NOT check "Confirm DLL Function Call"
Step 5: Check "Allow External Expert Imports"
Step 6: Click OK
Step 7: Click Here to see how to launch the Autochartist Web Application from the MT4 Plug-in and how to add the Autochartist Custom Indicators (Chart Patterns, Fibonacci Patterns, Key Levels, PowerStats) to MT4

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