NEW! Features

Key Levels: Horizontal support or resistance is often encountered at significant price levels. With Key Levels Autochartist automatically identifies these price levels as either "Breakout" or "Approach".

PowerStats: Provides traders with insight into relevant movement of all instruments. This helps traders by providing a clear assessment of risk and volatility.

NEW! Interface

Consolidates all trade opportunities: Chart Patterns; Fibonacci patterns (emerging and complete) and Key Levels. Traders have the ability to switch the opportunities ON/OFF.

Relevance: Only trade opportunites that are actionable are listed.

Age: Patterns are ordered by age in candles independent of the date or interval they were identified on. This ensures all patterns get equal weighting and daily patterns are not lost amongst intraday opportunities.

Size: The application has been scaled to suite browsers of iPads and similar portable devices, as well as users of small notebooks, or older smaller screens.


INTRADAY SCANNING: Autochartist gives traders early notification of poetntial trade opportunites throughout the day.

RELEVANT TRADE OPPORTUNITY ALERTS: Autochartist delivers both audio and visual alerts, highlighting only trade opportunities that are actionable and visible to users.

FORECAST ZONES: On completed patterns, Autochartist automatically plots a forecast zone of what price level is expected to be reached. Autochartist has a 70% success rate in price reaching forecast zones.

QUALITY INDICATORS: Each pattern comes with an automated visual analysis that uses a combination of four unique characteristics in assigning a pattern's quality score.

SAVES TIME: Rather than forcing a trader to rely on (or acquire) years of training to recognize trading patterns, and key levels (horizontal support or resistance levels) Autochartist scans through massive quantities of market price data and automatically detects predefined patterns and key levels.

USE ONLY ONE SCREEN AND LAUNCH AUTOCHARTIST FROM MT4: All trade opportunities are consolidated into one screen. That is: Chart Patterns, Fibonacci Patterns, PowerStats, and Key Levels. Traders have an ability to switch the opportunites ON/OFF with the click of a button.

BENEFIT FROM AUTOCHARTIST'S TRADING TOOLS ON MT4: Traders simply drag and drop one of Autochartist's custom indicators (Chart Patterns, Fibonacci Patterns, Key Levels or PowerStats) onto an MT4 chart to see patterns and price clearly overlaid.

EDUCATION: The Autochartist service is accompanied by training guides and videos from within the application to empower traders to best utilize chart patterns and technical analysis in their day-to-day trading.

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