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» How much is the BESTDirect Online Trading platform?

The BESTDirect Online Trading Platform is 100% free for both simulated and live trading.

» Can I trade options on BESTDirect?

Yes. You can trade options and binary options from BESTDirect. Options can be traded from the Single Option Window which allows you to look at one specific commodity and strike to place a trade. The Options Chain Window allows you to look at the underlying future quotes, a chain of options quotes and spreads, as well as place a trade and view your positions. Binary options can be traded by specific contract through the NADEX Trader window or by the strike price through the NEW Options Chart Trader window.

» Can I trade forex on the BESTDirect?

Yes. You can trade futures, forex, options, binary options and equities through BESTDirect but you must have an account for each type of trade. Contact your broker or representative to open more accounts.

» Can I trade spreads from BESTDirect?

Yes. You can trade both futures and futures options spreads from the platform. Our Spread Designer allows you to place both User and Exchange Defined Spreads.

» How many computers can BESTDirect be installed on?

BESTDirect can be downloaded on as many computers as you like. You also can run the program multiple times on the same computer.

» What are the minimum computer specifications BESTDirect requires?

We recommend the following minimums for this software:
• Pentium 4 PC running at 2.4 gigahertz
• 1 gigabyte of RAM
• A video card with its own memory (or more PC memory if the video uses shared memory)

» Can I install and run BESTDirect on a MAC?

The BESTDirect Online Trading platform requires Windows. However, you can trade on a MAC through Windows Parallels or Boot Camp, depending on your MAC operating system.

» I cannot log in due to an "Invalid Login. Please contact customer service" error.

You have entered an incorrect credential. Please make sure the credentials you are entering are correct. If you need to confirm them, contact customer service at 855-PFGBEST or by emailing customerservice@pfgbest.com.

» I cannot log in due to a "Socket Connected. Sending Login" error.

This message is due to a blockage in your Internet connection. This is usually caused by a firewall or security program on your computer. You'll need to "allow" the program and port 2000 through any firewalls you have on your computer to include the Windows firewall, if enabled.

» When installing the platform, it tells me I need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework; how do I install this?

You need to have this service installed to proceed. If you click OK on this message, it will automatically download this service for you. Once it has completed, you will need to restart the installation of BESTDirect to complete the installation.

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