BESTDirect Online Trading

Regardless of your trading style, PFGBEST's BESTDirect Online Trading platform gives you an effective platform for futures, forex, options, binaries and equities.
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» Easy to operate

Rather than crowd your desktop with rarely used features, BESTDirect was designed for easy placement of orders. The platform includes advanced features that don't get in the way of quick, efficient order entry.

» Risk control features

The BESTDirect platform was developed so that customer risk is determined before trades are executed. This is consistent with PFGBEST's risk management policy and reduces broker and customer risk.

» Reliable

BESTDirect has built-in redundancy with communications links to major exchanges. The PFGBEST development team continuously refines BESTDirect so that it has the most reliable communications, trading and back office systems possible.

» Backed by dedicated customer service

PFGBEST's customer service team has a strong blend of experience, professionalism and technical skills to assist clients with questions about their accounts or the BESTDirect platform. They will help get you started on BESTDirect and will work with you until you are comfortable with all aspects of the trading platform.

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