Introduction to
Forex Trading

An interactive trading course designed to teach new traders the basics and initial steps of trading in the forex markets.

Our latest installment of beginning trader education, Introduction to Forex Trading is designed to help you make an educated decision when considering foreign currency trading and answer the simple but often overlooked question – Is Forex Trading for Me?

In a college classroom style setting, join course instructor Steve Nurre as he guides you through a 12-week adventure into the complex, yet intriguing foreign exchange market. Analyzed through numerous examples, case studies, and in-class assignments, Introduction to Forex Trading will present foreign currency trading using the “ATE” forex trading philosophy.

Complemented by special guest lecturers and foreign currency experts, Introduction to Forex Trading includes a 100+ page course workbook, recommended readings, homework assignments, quizzes, a mid-term and final exam.

Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Course Schedule

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