Educated Traders Become Successful Traders!

Clients of PFGBEST have the potential for longevity and success in trading, but many fall short due to a lack of what knowledgeable traders have termed "basic needs." We understand the idea of leveraging large contracts, with comparatively less capital, can be very alluring.

Unfortunately leverage is a double-edged sword, and clients should be prepared before jumping "head first" into futures trading. In response to this, clients of all skill levels will have a wealth of resources placed at their disposal.

All courses are offered live in an interactive, online classroom style (web) format using the latest technology. We at PFGBEST believe education and experience to be the cornerstones of success in trading, and we pledge to provide the tools and assistance necessary to achieve that goal.

Course Offerings Include

Full Courses (20+ classes, 8-12 weeks)

Mini-Courses (7-19 classes, 3-7 weeks)

Course Workshops (2-6 classes, 1-3 weeks)

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