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Enhanced Quotes
BESTDirect Online Trading supports real-time quotes for all electronic futures as well as forex and options. Quick trade windows show depth of market. Real-time price ladder highlights the last price making it easy to place limit and stop orders.
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Real-time Charting
Streaming real-time charts are now available for futures, forex, and options. Charts currently include 1-, 5-, 10-, 15-, 30-, and 60-minute intervals. Future versions of the BEST Charting program will include enhancements based on broker and customer demand.
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Multiple exchange connections give BESTDirect Online Trading enhanced redundancy.

Order Management Data
Enhanced order management features allow you to export data to tab delimited or html formats.
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Account Status
Continually updated Account Status with streaming real-time P/L.

Customer Service
The Customer Service department is available to answer technical questions at any time during the trading day, and PFGBEST's trade desk is available during evening and overnight hours. Contact us by telephone or email.

Forex Direct Application
Forex traders can switch to PFGBEST's Forex Direct platform with one click.
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Parked Orders
You can enter more than one trade in the parked order window, and then enter one order or several orders from the Parked Orders window with one click.
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Control of Commodity List
You can control commodities that appear in the Market Selection window by exchange or by contract.
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Online Tutorial
The new version of BESTDirect Online Trading includes an online tutorial from the dropdown help menu.