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- How do I cancel an order on BESTDirect Online Trading?

To cancel an order, first left click your mouse on the specific order you want to cancel. Then, right click your mouse and select Cancel or Cancel/Replace. Then, Submit.

- How do I check my positions?
You’re wise to check your positions at all times. A Position Reference area is at the top of the trading ticket for you to view your current positions.

- How do I keep track of my orders?
At the bottom of your trade ticket is the Order Management section. This section shows all your trades throughout the day. To make it easier, working, filled, cancelled or rejected orders are color-coded.

- I keep hearing about Quick Trade. What is it?
The Quick Trade ticket is a streamlined version of the main ticket. You use it to trade one specific market at a time. And, you may have more than one Quick trade ticket on your screen at a time. This ticket is geared towards the trader who is in and out of the market multiple times a day. To use your Quick Trade option, simply make your market selection and select Quick Trade from the top menu. The Quick Trade window also shows depth of market for GLOBEX e-mini, and E-mini Single Stock Futures contracts.

- How can I receive the BESTDirect Online Trading software?
After you fill out all the paperwork with your broker your account will be processed and entered onto the online system. When this is done, a PFGBEST Customer Service Representative will contact you by phone to arrange for downloading your software. Once you have completed the software download, your Customer Service Representative will walk you through the trading program until you are confident you know how to use it.

- Is there any way I can practice trading on BESTDirect Online Trading before I actually begin using “real” money?
BESTDirect Online Simulated Trading is a simulated version of BESTDirect Online Trading, that is an exact duplicate of the system you will be using to place your trades online. You may place as many trades as you want FREE for 30 days. To find out more about practicing on BESTDirect Online Simulated Trading, click here.

- How does BESTDirect Online Trading route orders for GLOBEX2 markets?
BESTDirect Online Trading sends orders direct to GLOBEX2 via the CME Group's FIX API connection. For more information, click here.

- How can I send additional funds to my account at PFGBEST?
Visit at any time to read up-to-date information about funding your futures or forex account(s).