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 BESTDirect Online Trading       

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Regardless of your trading style, BESTDirect Online Trading-PFGBEST's newest trading platform--gives you an effective platform for futures and forex trading. The depth-of-market (DOM) trading panels offer a dynamic way to view the market and place trades, including advanced order entry such as trailing stops and profit targets. The Trade Window gives a complete view of account information and an intuitive order entry ticket with OCO orders, while the flexible workspace lets you mix and match the platform views that you want. Features of BESTDirect Online Trading include:

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BEST Direct™ 7.3

BEST Direct™ 7.3 remains true to Peregrine Financial Group's original objective for BEST Direct™ - a reliable online trading platform that is simple to use and features fast execution.

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The BEST Direct™ trading platform is one of the most user-friendly online order entry systems in the futures industry. It was built with the features that professional traders demand - ease of operation and risk control. Open an account online or sign up for a FREE BEST Test™ Simulated Trading account to experience the BEST online trading has to offer!

Ease of Operation
Rather than crowd your desktop with rarely used features, BEST Direct™ was designed for easy placement of orders. The platform includes advanced features that were designed so that they don't get in the way of quick, efficient order entry.

Risk Control
The BEST Direct™ platform was developed so that customer risk is determined before trades are executed. This is consistent with PFG's risk management policy and reduces broker and customer risk.

BEST Direct™ has built-in redundancy with communications links to major exchanges. The PFG development team continuously refines BEST Direct™ so that it has the most reliable communications, trading, and back office systems possible.

Commitment to Customer Service
PFG's customer service team has a strong blend of experience, professionalism, and technical skills to assist clients with questions about their accounts or the BEST Direct™ platform. They will help get you started on BEST Direct™ and will work with you until you are comfortable with all aspects of the trading platform.

Features of the new BEST Direct™ 7.3 include:

• Multiple Accounts on one screen.
• Quote Window provides real-time quotes with bid/ask and option for multiple market viewing.
• Depth of market and real-time streaming charts for select markets.
• Real-time Account Status with streaming P/L.
• Real-Time Price Ladder highlights the "last" in the center for ease of placing limit and stop orders.
• Price Box features drop down prices.
• Accepts Limit, GTC, Stop, Market and MIT orders.
• Performance Summary gives you a statistical view of your trading day.
• Quick Trade ticket streamlines trading one specific market at a time. Use multiple Quick Trade tickets, if desired. 
• Join the Bid or Ask in one click.
• Order Management section shows all your trades placed through BEST Direct™; working, filled, cancelled or rejected orders are color coded for easy viewing.
• Refresh Function has updated positions and reporting information in the event your internet connection is ever lost.

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