Harness the Power of Technology

Powered BESTDirect and backed by PFGBEST, the market oriented FCM committed to cutting edge technology with a reputation for quality and professionalism, TURNKEY· IB offers the most innovative and comprehensive program available to IBs and clients including:

Fully Integrated Online Order Entry

With TURNKEY· IB you have the power in technology to compete with every major brokerage house and online trading system. TURNKEY· IB delivers online service to you and your customers, 24 hours a day with speed, accuracy and ease of use. Outstanding benefits include:

• Your clients are treated to leading edge technology with Internet online order entry powered by BESTDirect.

• Elimination of errors in keypunching account numbers, quantity and prices.

• Immediate confirmation of orders so you and your customers know orders were received, filled and reported.

• Prompt fill notification eliminates wait for floor clerks calls on busy market days.

• Instant messaging provides easy communication with customers, one-on-one, a segment or all at a time.

Real-Time Risk Management

Anything and everything that management can do to detect and defray immediate and potential risk is a benefit. Firm and client risk are known with certainty. Track positions at your IB on every tic. Access the information you need in a flexible format that fits your business. TURNKEY· IB's unparalleled risk management program:

• Reports overall firm risk exposure and individual customer exposure.

• Reviews customer orders electronically in milliseconds before, during and/or after the orders are placed.

• Reports market-by-market risk exposure enabling you to review all clients who may be at risk in the event of wild price conditions.

• Automatically or manually prohibits clients from entering orders if they are not appropriately capitalized with client cut off and/or liquidation.

• Alerts you to client’s aberrant trading behavior.

• Calculates intraday margin, day and night, to avoid surprise margin calls.

• Allows the broker to assist clients with their personal risk management with broker access to individual customer tracking reports.

• "What if" scenarios help you see how things will look when the market changes.

• Provides specialized and flexible customer management reports.

Premium Benefits for Your Customers

TURNKEY· IB isn’t limited to what it can do for an IB. TURNKEY· IB provides valuable tools for your clients. Consider the value-added marketability of your IB if you provided your clients with some of the same tools you use for management, 24 hours a day online, with speed, accuracy and ease of use.

• Online customer statements updated automatically in trading tic-by-tic.

• Personal real time tic-by-tic risk management reports.

• Trade-by-trade and profit/loss reports.

• Customer equity runs and "live" preliminary runs.

• Instant messaging to and from your IB.

Integrated Market Quotes and News

TURNKEY· IB has developed strategic alliances for premium quality market quotes and market news brought to you online. TURNKEY· IB software makes it easy for you to click through to the pertinent information every day, all day, giving you:

• Online, real-time quotes for every market.

• Market news updated as it occurs.

Contact and Lead Management

The single most important factor to the growth of an IB is to have an organized approach to sales and marketing. Information management, the tracking and updating of your database of leads and contacts, should be an integral part of your sales and marketing plan. Often this aspect is overlooked or downplayed because of the inherent difficulties of database management. TURNKEY· IB provides a sophisticated yet simple system that puts a workstation on every broker’s desk. This is the proven solution with database software designed with IBs in mind.

• User-friendly customized database management software that can be accessed from any or all computers in your office.

• Readily accessible software programs, which allow brokers to review their contacts, pend messages for follow-up, update records and perform many other tasks throughout the day.

• Programs that automatically generate management and other specialized reports, and query the database by any criteria you have established.

Online Research

Computer linkage with online computer sources can provide research at the speed of light. TURNKEY· IB provides comprehensive technical analysis software combined with up-to-the-minute market news, which gives you:

• A complete charting package.

• Technical analysis studies.

• Tic-by-tic data.

• Access to HAL commodity cycles, Futures Factors signals, Simons Research and other top-rated advisor services.

Much More

TURNKEY· IB, with the powerful backing of PFGBEST, can deliver the entire package. PFGBEST technicians will install online order entry, lead management and other software. If you need computers or a networked system, PFGBEST can help you buy or lease the equipment and help you install it. TURNKEY· IB will also assist you with:

• Website development.

• Sales and management training.

• Series 3 training.

• Co-op advertising.

• Trading room development and consultation.

With TURNKEY· IB you’ll have the capability and confidence to offer online order entry technology to your clients. With PFGBEST’s commitment to keeping you on the cutting edge, you’ll have the tools to survive the future of the futures industry.

Trade Risk-Free

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