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Patricia Campbell
Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. (PFGBEST)
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PFGBEST Targets Precious Metals Coin Dealers With New System for Hedging Price Risk

PFGBEST proprietary Typhoon Metals system aggregates gold, silver, platinum, and palladium dealer prices so coin dealers can get best possible quotes with no intervention

CHICAGO, June 30, 2010 PFGBEST has taken proprietary technology that it developed for foreign exchange traders, and with minor changes, made it state-of-the-industry for those who need to protect the value of inventories of precious metals or coins.

The new system, called Typhoon Metals, brings together and sorts the best bids and offers from the largest precious metals dealers, so that any customer can access best bids and offers from the pool of global liquidity. It allows coin dealers and other metals traders to hedge exposure to volatility and price changes in the most efficient way, as the system will automatically display the tightest spreads available from a vast array of buyers and sellers.

Typhoon (for foreign exchange trading) or Typhoon Metals (for precious metals trading) can be accessed through all of the PFGBEST electronic trading applications, including both proprietary platforms and direct API products. Some of the electronic platforms that offer Typhoon Metals as a price source are BESTDirect® 8.0, BESTDirect® Mobile, BESTDirect® Web, BESTDirect® Ninja Trader, BESTDirect® ProTrader, BESTDirect® Navigator, and eSignal for BESTDirect®.

Typhoon Metals for aggregated pricing from metals dealers occurs on an electronic system that was developed by PFGBEST to ensure straight-through processing of metals trades, so that all orders are automatically matched to the best available bid or offer without going through a dealer desk. "This model ensures efficient, transparent price discovery and order execution," said Russ Wasendorf, Jr., president and chief operating officer of PFGBEST.

PFGBEST has an affiliated company, a wholly-owned subsidiary, PFG Precious Metals, Inc., which offers physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in the form of bullion bars and bullion coins. PFG Precious Metals, Inc. is a full-service, wholesale precious metals trading company. In addition to specialized pricing and acquisition capabilities, PFG Precious Metals, Inc. can ship as well as insure customer purchases through Lloyds of London. Also, as part of the complete package, PFG Precious Metals, Inc. buys back metals from its customers. The company is a member of the Certified Coin Exchange, a dealer-to-dealer exchange connecting over 450 coin dealers in the U.S.

PFG Precious Metals, Inc. also has metals programs for Qualified IRAs, and the Gold and Silver Accumulation Program (GSAP) for people who are just beginning to acquire the hard asset of precious metals into their portfolios. GSAP provides for customers to invest as little as US $50 per month from their checking account or credit card to systematically accumulate their choice of precious metals into an account for long-term investing.

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