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2005 Press Releases

December 27, 2005
Russell Wasendorf, Sr., CEO of PFG, shared his year end commentary on commodity markets on PBS Nightly Business Report. He stated that he believes grain markets should rally as demand in China and the Pacific rim increase and that oil prices will continue to slide as consumers have really felt the impact of recent highs in their pocket books, thus reducing future demand. Click here to view the interview.

December 2005
PFG senior broker John Welsh presents his views on key commodity markets weekly on the new "RFD" program hosted by Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong via satellite. For more information on the time and channels, or to receive other market updates, contact

December 2005
PFG ranked as one of the "Top 50 Brokers"
Futures Magazine named PFG as a top broker in its annual rankings, based on as series of factors including customer equity, adjusted net capital, and volume.

November 17, 2005
PFG Boosts Efforts to Target Asian Market:
Mr. Kem Chong named head of PFG Asian Division

October 14, 2005
Bloomberg Television featured a live interview at 9:40 Eastern with Russ Wasendorf, Sr., who explained safeguards that are in place to protect customer assets at FCMs.

October 13, 2005
Russ Wasendorf, Sr. in a Bloomberg newswire story, stated that new clients are approaching PFG as they exit Refco Inc.

Futures Industry Magazine reports that Nolan Schiff has been named PFG's director of managed forex.

September 26, 2005
PFG Boosts Its Presence In Canada
Experienced broker group to drive growth in Toronto branch office.

August 2005
Futures Magazine in the issue dedicated to managed accounts, noted that PFG?s retail-oriented client base has been the impetus for its strategy of identifying and working with emerging CTAs who outperform. PFG was quoted as saying the emerging CTAs provide a diversification opportunity for clients who could enter with a minimum requirment of from $25,000 on up.

August 31, 2005
Russ Wasendorf, Jr., COO of PFG, spoke with Futures and Options Week on impact of the CBOT?s five-cent fee hikes in Treasury futures. He pointed out that our customers should not have to bear the brunt of the increases, and so the intermediaries (brokerages) are left to fund exchanges? technology development. It was noted that with Eurex out of the competition domestically, further price increases are not unlikely.

August 29, 2005
John Welsh, PFG Senior Broker, appeared on the PBS program Nightly Business Report discussing the anticipated impact of Hurricane Katrina on the commodities markets.

August 29, 2005
PFG CEO Russell Wasendorf, Sr. was quoted in a Bloomberg story about increased Treasury futures fees announced by the CBOT. Fee increases of this nature must routinely be absorbed by brokerages, he suggested, who are not comfortable with passing along the burden to their customers.

August 8, 2005
PFG Hires Nolan Schiff as Director of Managed Foreign Exchange in order to enhance and expand its efforts in this product sector.

July 2005
CEO Russell Wasendorf, Sr. fielded global press inquiries about technology patents following word that one media organization had received a copy of a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Trading Technologies which names PFG and another software firm. This is the ninth lawsuit filed by Trading Technologies against online trading innovators industrywide.

Coverage included: Bloomberg (July 19, July 20), Reuters (July 20), Crain's Chicago Business (July 20), Dow Jones Capital Markets Report (July 20), Futures & Options week (July 20), Futures Magazine (July 21), International Financing Review (July 21), Lipper Hedgeworld (July 22), and Dealing With Technology (July 22.) The coverage stated unequivocally that PFG does not intend to settle. In-depth articles can be found at Futures and Crain's.

July 7 , 2005
PFG senior broker John Welsh guested on CNBC's Squawk Box at 6 a.m. (Central) Thursday, July 7, providing analysis of markets particularly oil in the wake of the terrorist attacks in London. He believed oil futures would ultimately bounce back after dipping on the bombing news, which they did by the close. Welsh is the author of "Crystal Balls", a quarterly market report. For a copy, contact him at See John Welsh on CNBC?s Squawk Box.

July 4, 2005
Russell Wasendorf, Sr., CEO of PFG, was among the commentators on PBS television in Nightly Business Report on that program’s annual, midyear commodities report. He stated that currently, corn futures are a favorite market for him. Furthermore, he cited that the increasing effort to utilize and promote ethanol will have an impact on demand and also will fuel prices long term.

July 3, 2005
As many speculate the Crain’s next move in the wake of buyout rumors by the Merc vs. holding out for an IPO, Russell Wasendorf, Sr., CEO of PFG was asked by Kate Ryan of Crain’s Chicago Business what he thought would be the best move for the CBOT. "I would go all the way to the dance," said Wasendorf. He also added, "All of these rumors about purchasing the exchange have to, in the long run, enhance the value of the IPO." To view the full story:

June 22, 2005
In the Chicago Tribune, CEO Russell Wasendorf, Sr. shared his insight on what benefits the CBOT will derive from approving an IPO. This creates a myriad of opportunities for the CBOT, said Wasendorf. It tells the members who now become shareholders, "this is our value. This is what a composite group of people feel our current value is," based on many facts and factors, he added. Many speculate that a merger with the CME is the next move for the CBOT.

June 15, 2005
Crain's interviewed PFG Chairman Russ Wasendorf, Sr. on one futures ISV which aims to exercise technology patent rights. Said Wasendorf, "A lot of firms are using display technology that looks like Trading Technology's, but that is the logical way to show prices. Rather than being 'revolutionary', it is just logical. The U.S. patent office knows very little about this and has little experience in the trading industry. I'm surprised that a patent was awarded. We have our own system, and I believe in advocating for the customer to utilize any efficiencies in online trading; (therefore) I don't think TT's approach helps customers."

May 22, 2005
The Sunday Chicago Tribune quoted PFG senior vice president of Managed Funds, Michael Killian, on the surging interest in commodities assets, and trading styles that make diversification a viable option. Some managers use cash commodity instruments and hold for the long term. Others may short the futures to grasp opportunity quickly. "Think asset allocation" into commodities as an alternative, was Killian's perspective.

May 17 , 2005
CNBC's Squawk Box host Mark Haines welcomed Russ Wasendorf, Sr. as a guest on May 17 to discuss the recent softness in commodity prices - a trend that Wasendorf feels will be short-lived due to the strong, pent-up demand for raw materials.

April, 2005
Russell Wasendorf, Sr., CEO of PFG, quoted by Chicago Tribune columnist Bill Barnhart, is featured in a "how to" article for journalists writing about futures and commodities. View the web posting from the American Press Institute site.

April 19 , 2005
PFG's Annual CTA Challenge Begins May 2, 2005
Third Annual Competition Identifies Emerging CTA Talent: Grand Prize is $500,000 Account Allocation

April 2005
Russ Wasendorf, Jr., COO of PFG shared his insight about how traders should educate themselves when choosing a trading system and brokerage firm in Futures Magazine. He said, "Find someone you want to do business with, then do a simple background check." This can be done by checking the NFA website. He noted that sometimes it helps to first work with a full service broker, who can help an individual trader become more sophisticated.

March 2005
In Futures and Options World Magazine, Russ Wasendorf, Sr., CEO of PFG discussed the myth of retail futures trading that eight out of ten trades are losers. Wasendorf, who helped lead a Merrill Lynch study some years ago, said it found the more money placed in an account at opening ($50,000 on up) the more success the trader had. In addition, "If the individual is depositing more money, they have more staying power and a greater likelihood of percentages catching up with them." Stock traders, undaunted by the myth and adversely affected by equity trends after the dot com blowout, are clearly moving into futures products, and they are very committed to education on the subject of futures, he said.

February 9 , 2005
PFG's BEST Direct FAST? package now available
Patent pending on the complete package for active traders to execute dynamic, synthetic orders online

February 2 , 2005
Russell Wasendorf, Sr., CEO of PFG, told the Wall Street Journal that as an adamant proponent of online trading, he sees benefit in futures exchanges feeling a squeeze from supporting both trading floors and electronic platforms. "This is the boat that a lot of the futures brokerage community has been in for some time," said Wasendorf, adding that the dynamic of profit margins under pressure could be reaching the level of the exchanges themselves.

January 13, 2005
PFG Forex Trading Reaches New Record In 2004
Richard Chappetto excels as business development executive for PFG Forex Division

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