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Turnkey Program for Broker Dealers Announced

CHICAGO, March 12, 2003 – Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. (PFG) announced today the forming of a national network of sub-regional and smaller Broker Dealers (BDs) called the “Peregrine SFPnet”(Peregrine Security Futures Products Network).

A variety of security futures products including futures funds and traditional futures products such as stock indices, single stock futures and others will be distributed to retail investors through the SFP Network.

Russell Wasendorf, Sr., PFG Chairman and CEO, said, “The blending of the securities and derivatives world is becoming increasingly evident with products such as futures funds, single stock futures and stock index futures. We want to provide a network that enables the investor to easily use products in a variety of markets. We remain committed to supporting the individual investor with experienced professionals who have been highly educated and trained in the uses of these instruments.”

PFG will:
1. Develop a turnkey qualification program for Broker Dealers that will allow BDs to become Independent Brokers (IBs) also and offer futures products to retail investors.
2. Begin to distribute the security futures products through the SFP Network

PFG is the first Futures Commission Merchant to offer a functioning nationwide prototype for a turnkey IB qualification program for Broker Dealers. The program’s education module will be offered at PFG’s newly established Education Center in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Broker Dealers attending the program will be trained in futures market economic theory, risk management techniques, clearing, order routing, marketing and all regulatory requirements for a Series 3 license. The Center provides the most technologically advanced systems and professional instructors who are trained in both securities and futures markets.

Wasendorf continued, “PFG is continuing to experience significant corporate growth as a result of specific types of strategic alliances which, in turn, fuel industry growth. We believe that a national network of sub-regional and smaller BDs specifically for securities futures products is key to bringing more opportunity to a very large number of retail investors. We look forward to offering similar alliances internationally.”

Peregrine Financial Group, Inc., is a multi-product Futures Commission Merchant dealing in the global derivatives marketplace. Over the years, PFG has earned a reputation as one of the finest providers of quality educational platforms for the individual investor.