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PFG BEST Direct™ First to Utilize iTOPS, Speeding Fills

After beta testing last week, BEST Direct emerged as the only direct online system capable of sending trades direct to CME pits through iTOPS

CHICAGO, October 6, 2003: Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. (PFG) today announced that its BEST Direct trading system is the first to send trades directly to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) eurocurrency trading pits through the iTOPS system which debuted today.

iTOPS is a new version of the CME’s order routing software that uses a common interface for routing orders for GLOBEX and CME floor-traded products. The new release means that BEST Direct can use the same technology to route orders to GLOBEX and the exchange floor. Routing directly through iTOPS should result in more efficient order handling for CME pit-traded contracts, a substantial benefit for PFG BEST Direct online investors, traders, and brokerage clients.

Editors and reporters interested in following this story are encouraged to contact PFG to arrange interviews with PFG vice president of Information Technologies, Liam Boyle, who is expert at this order routing breakthrough and its challenges and benefits for retail and institutional clients.

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