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Ted F from Tyler, TX took time out to thank his account exec at PFGBEST, and thank you Ted, for the feedback!

June 2012: “Hi, I want to give positive feedback on your Customer Service Rep Ben Davidson. He helped me solve some connection issues in a very efficient manner. I'm glad to know your service people are there and well trained when I need them. Take good care of these people. Thanks!"

Proving that customer attention knows no global bounds, Manoj P from Singapore had a request for daily statements regardless of whether there was trade activity. His needs were immediately addressed by PFGBEST Wealth Manager Josh Reitz in Iowa:

June 2012: “You have already become famous here among Singapore traders as the most approachable and quickest support personnel to turn to for help from PFGBEST. Thanks and keep it up."

Customer Vincent J from Bay City, MI, is an educated investor:

April 2012: On the Forex Professor Facebook site manned by PFGBEST: “Thank you for all the effort PFGBEST expends on behalf of ... customers. That you offer valuable resources, free educational classes...speaks to your desire that your clients succeed. In so doing, you develop better traders and engender trust. PFGBEST is a great company!"

The BESTDirect platform has a big fan in Bruce O from Spring, TX:

March 2012: “I am so happy with the (BESTDirect) platform. I think it has helped me in my futures trading. I installed the latest version...and really like the black highlighted borders and the positions count in the upper right hand corner of the charts, too."

Metals collector Don M., from Dansville, NY, says PFG Precious Metals went above and beyond:

November 2011: “Thank you for the good work you did in completing my order. With your help I was able to negotiate the minefield out there with bankrupt companies, high pressure salesmen, 35% markups, etc. etc. etc. Acquiring the necessary number of scarce coins I needed in the time allotted was no mean feat. There were times I thought it couldn't be done...but finding those first strike jobs was a master stroke."

Rob K, from Eagle River, AK benefitted from the PFGBEST Intro to Futures online course and thanks his instructors:

November 2011: “My sincere thanks to PFGBEST for the Intro to Futures Trading course. The content is excellent. Lectures and supplementary materials are well thought out. Curt Wagaman has maintained my interest and energy level. His enthusiasm permeates the presentations, a real asset to understanding and focus. Additionally, Curt took the time to provide me with additional answers and resources, outstanding. The guest speakers were very engaging and spoke to us at an appropriate level. I look forward to additional educational offerings from the brokerage." Editorial note: Introduction to Futures Trading is a 12-week online course which includes guest lecturers from various market segments. Included with the course are weekly homework assignments along with graded quizzes, mid-term and final exams, recommended reading and resource tools. Weekday, weekend and evening sessions available. Contact Curt at to learn more.

Trader Patrick M, Baltimore, MD, "saw a vivid example of PFGBEST people being the most valuable resource" in October, 2011:

“Thank you (Toby Koehn) for taking some of your valuable time to verify my trade at two minues before midnight EDT. I now vaguely remember it as a parked order; I must have placed a tight stop, on it” and then it was no longer top of mind for me when thankfully PFGBEST verified it.

Adam J. from Orem, UT, is excited about forex trading and the knowledge and assistance of Toby Koehn, who heads the PFGBEST customer relations team in Cedar Falls, Iowa:

July 2011: “Toby Koehn is an excellent PFGBEST employee. I just got off the phone with him and found him to be knowledgeable, informative and very helpful. I hope to day trade forex currency pairs and I am happy and comfortable knowing that Toby essentially works during the times when I am trading (i.e. London business hours). Editorial note, yes, Toby comes in to the office in the middle of the night and is extremely dedicated to those who need assistance during non-U.S. trading hours.

From an asset manager named Tom T. in Chicago, IL, March 2010:

“I have to compliment you on your back office staff. Katelyn Krueger, Lindsey Ma, Amy Anderson and all the others. All are so very helpful and pleasant and efficient, consistently.”

One of the top U.S. Bloomberg commodity reporters, Jeff Wilson, calls PFGBEST Research analyst Tim Hannagan "the Best!" as corn reaches the forecast price of $8.00 in June 2011:

“Tim, you are the MOST ACCURATE FORECASTER! Do you remember when I polled you about grain and other commodity prices in December? You said corn prices would rise to $8 a bushel in 2011 -- this morning the price print was $7.9975. You were the most accurate forecaster in our story in December 2010. We are updating that survey and want to talk with the most accurate forecasters. Thanks, Jeff Wilson”

From Deborah P. in Johnson, RI, who took time to thank PFGBEST Customer Service professional Kimberly Frank:

"In this world of constant negativity, I make it a point to take the time to relay positive, courteous and competent feedback. Kim listened to my concerns and frustrations. She was apologetic and very quick to meet my request. Kim handled the call and corrected my account with professionalism, accuracy, and speed. She is an asset to your department. Thank you!"

From individual trader Ed in Southwick, MA, who took time to thank PFGBEST Customer Service professional Lauren Hawkenson:

"I'd like to comment on someone in your technical department in Iowa. Her name is Lauren, she says she has only worked in that office for 4 months. She has been very helpful to me today and in the past. She has a great attitude and is willing to go out of the way to help in any way she can. Pretty darn good for only working there for such a short period of time. If you could, please pass this on to her supervisor for acknowledgement of a job well done. Here's the main reason that I took the small amount of time to compliment Lauren. My employment history was that of a law enforcement officer, now retired. During my tenure I received two commendations and many letters of acknowledgement from citizens I had the occasion to help. It made my job more worthwhile to know that someone appreciated what I had done in the line of duty. Often people take things for granted and won't go the extra mile. Lauren reminded me of myself and how it gave me pleasure to do the best I could. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge her. A little praise can go a long way as you very well know.

Muhammad H from Pakistan compliments PFGBEST Research Analyst Mike Daly in this short, sweet missive:

"You are a great analyst of gold, sir. Your views and reviews are the best, and accurate!"

From Chris S., an AP in the PFGBEST Winter Park office, who has developed a love of mobile trading:

"I bought my wife Alison an iPad with the 3g built in for Mother's Day. It finally arrived mid June and we took it on vacation with us all throughout the middle part of the country recently. I installed the BESTDirect app on it so I could keep track of a few accounts while we were away. I had it up and running quickly after getting a few accounts activated for the mobile access. I can honestly say I was very impressed with the ease of use and the overall capability of the BESTDirect Mobile app for the iPad. I didn't even try it on a demo account at first. I just fired it up on the real thing. The BESTDirect Mobile app allowed me to easily keep track of several accounts that had larger metals positions while roaming around the country. I gave the application a good workout not only monitoring the positions but also placing live trades and moving working orders around for the accounts. Then one evening it really hit me. I was laying in a tent in the upper peninsula of Michigan at about 11:00 p.m. and I was checking the accounts and email all within just a couple of minutes. I was laughing to myself and thinking this thing is really too cool -- not so much the iPad, but the ability to use BESTDirect and access the accounts. We ventured to some very remote areas along Lake Superior but as long as there was sufficient AT&T signal it was good to go. The application only timed out a few times but I am sure that it was just due to low signal strength on the AT&T side. I just wanted you know that I think the BESTDirect mobile application is quite a useful tool and I did not have any trouble with it at all. Now I just have to get my own iPad as my wife is quite possessive with hers."

From Dave J in Rapid City, SD, who applauds Ben Kutz of PFGBEST Customer Relations for achieving the mission of exceptional service for every customer:

"Since I last spoke, we sold our home. Thus, my lack of activity. I am trying to get myself set up with a trading platform that is not broadband heavy. I am in an RV traveling or else using wifi in homes where we are visitors, so I can’t afford to eat up my broadband/cellular Verizon allocation of 5gb's a month. Do you have any suggestions? And Ben, I want to emphasize that you are the very best support person I have ever dealt with at any broker, anywhere."

Mike W from Austin, TX, sought out PFGBEST Research for help in hedging currency risk from a home sale in France against the Euro. Once the sale was completed and the hedge was covered, he thanked PFGBEST currency analyst Paul Kavanaugh in this unconventional way:

"I got out my very best stuff - Middleton Very Rare Irish whiskey - after dinner tonight, and you were given a toast. Thanks for being very professional, in the game at all hours and really giving a damn about your customer. Nice job."

From Craig in Los Angeles who appreciates the knowledge, commitment and patience of PFGBEST Customer Service:

"Julie Kaniyuki is an incredible customer service person. She spent a lot of time on the phone with me today, walking me through a complicated procedure. She's patient, thorough, and very knowledgeable. I just wanted to compliment you on having such an excellent customer-service person."

From Dr. Jeff C of Carmel Valley, CA, on why he has expanded his relationship with PFGBEST:

"Please accept this letter of commendation for services rendered by my Customer Service Representative Julie Kaneyuki. I have been a customer for several years now and have always had excellent service and communication with Julie. However, recently her performance has been extraordinary. I have opened three additional accounts, all of which required transfers from other firms. The paperwork, account funding and getting everything up and ready required continuous communication and coordination, which was facilitated by Julie. She is pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. As a retired broker, I can fully appreciate what a superior asset she is for PFGBEST. I have told her on numerous occasions that she is one of the main reasons why I trade with PFGBEST."

From Paul W in Bethesda, MD, who has had a winning experience at PFGBEST all the way around:

"I am an experienced futures trader and now have the pleasure to interact with your account reps and your trade desk. I used to trade at Refco and Mann, and without doubt, I have experienced your excellent customer service at PFG. My account is about 5 weeks old and I am up 10% after a few trials. No doubt, Julie got me set up. I am self directed trader, running experimental Linux on a massive Apple infrastructure, with code developed by Trendsetter SW. I am serious about trading and making money. Your highly experienced trade desk, has taken my calls on the day desk and the night desk. Let me be perfectly clear: In this short time, NO SLIPPAGE, EXCELLENT FILLS AND no disputes. My hat is off to you. All your personnel have been of assistance, with trades I may question, or where I need a little bit of help as rusty. Dan in particular has helped me sort out the intricacies of Stop, limit and all in between. I am very glad to have parked my money at your firm. As you know in the long run it is not about your deep trade discounts, it is about personal customer service. I am winning in the futures market on research. On the fulfillment side your overnight and day trading desks are the best I have seen in customer service. As my account grows, I would not hesitate to recommend PFG for its great customer relations. "

From Pat C, in Oregon, a client of PFGBEST Research Sr. Analyst Phil Flynn, who was given great advice on a good entry point for her position in the market:

"I must comment on your team. The Phil Flynn Group is the most responsive I've experienced: on their toes ready to give aide. Even under considerable pressure, they are courteous, think quick, have knowledge at their fingertips, and seem poised to take whatever action the customer needs."

From James G. , Arlington TX, who requested status verification on a check and account funds availability, plus webinar opportunities for his personal study program from PFGBEST Customer Relations Director Paige Miller:

"Thanks for your help with my account today, Paige. Visiting with you was, I should say, refreshing, because of the prompt and responsible manner in which you conduct business. You exude believability, and that is precious to have in any business. Even more so in your line of work."

From Bill R in Clearwater, FL, a thanks to a PFGBEST Public Relations exec for simply mailing him a PFGBEST financial calendar to fulfill an e-mail request. (These are free and available to all clients, prospects, and colleagues!)

"Patricia, thank you very much. It is very refreshing to see someone go out of their way to help a perfect stranger. I will tell everyone I talk to about you and PFG. Anyone that would have need of a solid investment house anyway. I have been a commodities broker for the past few years and always used PFG. I left my firm but they kept my PFG hand held calendar. This calendar was important to me -- it was my right hand when looking up quick and accurate references. Second, I had such a good experience with PFG that I wanted it as a keepsake!"

From George, a large-scale Canadian client from Edmonton, a salute to Dan Ortega for weekend assistance that soared beyond expectations:

"We would like to place a commendation respecting Mr. Dan Ortega of your PFGBEST commodity futures trading desk. He helped us greatly Sunday evening, Sept. 13, 2009. Our computer crashed Sunday. We could not place any orders. Dan Ortega found our open orders by piecing things together due to his obvious knowledge to determine which platform they were placed on, as we were clients of a firm that has been acquired and integrated with PFGBEST. He quickly cancelled our Open orders. Then he placed a new order for us per our request. He was even able to access our RAN platform to keep our order structure in place. That was impressive work by Dan. He was a great representative of PFGBEST. Knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, pleasant to talk to...the works."

From Markio, a U.S.-based reporter with Jiji press, who has used the daily blog and precious metals forecasts from PFGBEST research analyst Mike Daley in her reporting: Dated September 11, 2009

"Mr. Daly, Thank you for the report. A couple of weeks before, when you had told me that the gold market would reach 1000, to be honest with you, I was like 'hmmm, really.' But it turns out you are totally dead on!!"

From William in Louisiana, appreciative of Katie Miller for helping him transfer his forex funds from one account to another to use the platform he prefers and wants to trade from:

With thanks to Katie, "I am really looking forward to trying out this platform! I trade with many Forex brokers and you have always given me superior support as compared to other brokers!”

From Bob M., in Geneva, IL, who works with PFGBEST auto-execute teams and has customers in the PFGBEST managed accounts programs:

"Deb Stepanek, who has recently been moved from the PFGBEST auto-execute department to the Managed Futures Division, has been extremely helpful to our firm and our customers. For more than two years now Deb has helped us with various nuts and bolts of auto-execution in her quiet and effective way whenever needed. More recently, Deb has helped us in managed futures, with CTA blends, for a very large client account. And even though she is no longer in the auto-execute department she has continued to assist us as needed there, proving that she can wear multiple hats and it doesn’t slow her up at all. We greatly appreciate her help and are thankful to have Deb as a key PFGBEST resource for us. I seldom write about the many PFG personnel that are so helpful to us. Perhaps I should do that more often.”

From Mike in Nashville, TN, referred to PFGBEST and appreciative of informed assistance from Nick Wittenburg:

"Nick, customer service is of paramount importance to my son and me. We appreciate your willingness to work with both of us. You have been especially patient with an older gent and I know it firsthand. I look forward to trading with PFGBEST. Woodie of Woodies CCI.Club passed along what a great organization PFG is for traders. I will tell Woodie my experience so far and thank him for his high recommendation of your firm. Please pass this along to your supervisor.”

From David in Australia, another tip of the hat to Katie Miller, who is definitely a speedy service professional!

"Thanks for your quick replies, Katie. Since day one, you have always given me a quick response to any queries I have had and I appreciate your effort. It's not very often that I find your high level of enthusiasm.”

From Lawrence L. in Chandler, AZ, thanking Katie Miller for her assistance with making certain his account remains open through the holidays and beyond even if/when it is dormant, and when his usual customer service expert is on maternity leave:

"Thank you Katie, it is nice to know the account will be open. Have a happy holiday, and thank you for responding so fast. It seems PFG has a great team of employees!”

From Bill P., in FL, a customer for more than four years who has attended PFGBEST seminars and met the company leadership:

"I have been most pleased with all the aspects of my relationship with PFG, and would like to even more specifically express my appreciation and praise for one of your employees, Ryan Hansen. Over the years, whenever I´ve had any questions or problems, he has never failed to be most helpful, and has always offered his knowledgeable support with a most professional, courteous, friendly, prompt and efficient attitude and approach. He is an obvious asset to your operation. I wish continued success to you and your company.”

From Dave J., in Shingletown, CA, a customer who returned to PFGBEST and who Ben Kutz never lost contact with:

"Ben, part of my positive thoughts about PFG stem from your consistent, ´never–give–up´ actions and attitude. You can never underestimate the gains one can achieve by keeping in touch with old clients. As I may have mentioned, in my past life as Exec VP of Sales and Marketing for a Fortune 500 company, I emphasized how much more expensive it is to find new clients than to keep them...and the same follows for re–capturing ex–clients. It´s way less work. Thanks for your follow up.”

From Bob M., in Fort Myers, FL, in gratitude to trustworthy PFGBEST Customer Relations personnel:

"Dawna Steinfeldt was my contact for PFGBEST when I opened my account. I want to commend her for all her efforts. She was always professional and fun, often a hard combo to pull off. She was responsive to all my questions and requests, and there were a lot. I found it easy to trust her. There are a lot of different opinions regarding the honesty of virtually every broker and system in forex, so the ease with which I was able to trust her was a big part of why I funded my account. I look forward to working with Josh (Reitz) as well. I am sure he is of the same calibur.”

From Dave J., in Shingletown, CA, in a letter to Ben Kutz, PFGBEST Customer Support in Iowa, regarding the great service and integration with Tech Support for new account set-up:

"Hello, Ben – You sent me over to the tech support department a few moments ago. The fella I spoke with was quite excellent in his communications and as a listener for me. It was a great transaction and he walked through four different problems or questions that I had with the DOM program. Ben, you have done a thorough job in helping me set up my new account. Please pass this email along to Tech Support and thank them for me. I will close in also mentioning that the DOM, strategy set-up and the platform in general were designed by a guy who obviously understands traders. The ‘flat’, ‘reverse’ and other buttons are so easy to use. I just put in a trade and noticed that it was a good time to short, so I reversed the position and the market ran in the other direction (a definite break-out). Thanks again, Ben.”

From John D., in San Diego, CA, April 2008, regarding the expertise of Chu Galloway in the PFGBEST Forex division:

"I want to let you know how much I appreciate your straightforward approach and negotiation style. It was very refreshing to speak with you this morning. Very few individuals in this business that answer calls are able to communicate with me in an effective way where I decide on the spot I want to do business with them. Thank you and please feel free to forward this email to anyone in management. Please send me the links to download the in-house P&L software and the Currenex software. Thank you again."

And several days later…with back office and P&L web links in place:

“Once again - Chu has surfaced and is taking charge of the situation at hand better than anyone I have worked with in 12 years of trading. I made a good decision to bring my business here.”

From Mike B., in Livonia , MI , in follow-up to his participation in a PFGBEST web seminar led by Paul Kavanaugh:

"Thank you for the fantastic seminar on how the U.S. dollar weakness affects commodity prices. I´ve got my hands full at this time with options and studying the forex market, but I definitely want to learn much more about commodities trading. I´m very impressed with your "The Trend Sheet" analysis and recommendations. Thanks!"

From Jack S. in Sandy Springs, GA on the ultimate Forex IB client assistance from Bill Hoerter of PFGBEST:

"I would like you to know that since my initial IB approval, Bill Hoerter has been a huge asset in keeping all aspects of the business I generate as an IB and the maintenance of my client base as smooth as can be. (In the) account approvals process, having funds keyed in, accounts enabled, trades booked, platform issues, bid ask quotes, payroll questions, commission issues and in general any and all basic customer service issues, without the prompt attention and assistance handled by Bill Hoerter himself I would have been completely helpless. I strive to offer the best customer service possible; I take very personal the business we are in and the nature of the risk associated with my clients trading Forex. I am writing this letter today as a statement of my appreciation and thanks for the personal assistance I have received from Bill in all aspects of the business…"

Bakersfield, CA client Vic C. wrote to his PFGBEST Customer Relations Representative Ben Kutz on March 13, 2008:

"Thank you. You guys are great. With your help and God willing, I am looking forward to having fun with live trading. Everything worked well. Have a wonderful day."

Excerpted from a letter written by IB Robert Miller, Foremost Trading, LLC in Geneva, Illinois, thanking Jason Cartwright and Randy Cartwright in PFG’s back office group:

"…In an episode over the weekend… your back office caught an error, reviewed the tape and alerted us in time to avoid a costly mistake. I am most grateful for the good ‘catch’ by Randy and Jason Cartwright. They are to be commended. My thanks to your back office."

From Atlanta, customer O. Curtis (first name) cites the "PFGBEST difference" and thanks Hayley Wieskamp for help getting his account set up to his ultimate satisfaction:

Hi Hayley,

Thanks for all your concerns. I wished that all the reps. from other institutions I´ve communicated with were as nice as you have been to me. Please continue your current methods of dealing with your customers and we will hang with you as you do with us.

Please copy this email (forward it) to your supervisor for me, or send me their email and I will do so myself!

Bob, from Largo, Florida, tips the hat to PFG Customer Relations Representative Hayley Wieskamp and her colleague, Jessica Church. Teamwork rocks! Bob moved from simulation to a self-directed account and requested a bit of technical support. It was all completed in well under an hour:

Bob asked to be called on his land line to be sure he was connected to PFG servers and that his trades were going to through the system, after switching from a simulation program. Hayley immediately forwarded his specific question to technical support, and then checked back with Bob to ask if it was resolved. His response: "Yes. (Your associate) Jessica called me and did a fantastic job. I also told her you do a tremendous job answering e-mails in a timely fashion."

Correspondence between Pieter in South Africa and PFG Customer Relations Representative Jessica Church who assisted him in selecting a trading platform version of Trade Navigator to accommodate his initial trading needs:

"I am a novice trader finding my way around Woodies CCI website. I would like to use the platform that would allow me to best apply new-found knowledge without getting tangled up in overly advanced accessories. I have selected the Gold version to allow me to settle in as it will allow me to apply advanced skills later on."

Jessica replied there are tiered prices for the Gold version and assumed he would like the $49 Gold versus the $99 Gold, though either/both give access to Woodies Charts.

Pieter responded, "I suppose the $49 will do at first. Thank you. Kindly allow me to comment on your business ethics. In South Africa I half would have expected to receive a message to confirm that the order for the $99 was already processed. Your efficiency is much appreciated."

From Frank in Phoenix, grateful to PFG Customer Relations Representative Ben Kutz for speedy assistance with an account inquiry in September 2007:

"Thanks, Ben, for your prompt response and effort… You have consistently displayed the epitome of professionalism and excellent customer service. PFG is fortunate to have you as an employee/partner."

From Jeffrey in Sacramento, to PFG Customer Relations Representative Judy Styres in September 2007:

"Judy, I just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased I am with your and PFG's high level of service. I have dealt with many securities and futures brokers and none have come close to the capability (both human and technological) of PFG."

From George in Seattle, to PFG Customer Relations Representative Curtis Wagaman praising expert service while learning to use the BEST Direct demo in order to feel confident in opening a trading account:

"I have been attempting to install your trading platform and was lucky enough to get hooked up with Curtis. He was competent, patient, and customer oriented. I have owned and been a part of a number of ventures and Curtis I can see would be an excellent part of any team. Curtis did not ask me to send this to you, I asked for the manager's e-mail. Very truly yours, George"

From Darrell, in Spain, to PFG Customer Relations Representative Julie Day praising expert service while learning to use the BEST Direct demo; Darrell then transferred funds to open a PFG account.

"Another big THANK YOU! Yesterday I read some of the emails sent to PFG praising you and others on the PFG team. I cannot begin to express how much you add to my pleasure to begin an ongoing business relationship with PFG. This also goes out to Tech. Support -- Judy Styres was most helpful earlier in the year assisting me with the demo account. Please thank her for me. I retired from a large industrial plant as an electronic trouble shooter, so I really appreciate the prompt, professional treatment given by the PFG team and can say today few companies give even acceptable service, but PFG, Inc. is great. Thank you all!"

From Ralph in Alexandria, VA, on how Customer Relations Representative Hayley Wieskamp's assistance while he traded on PFG’s demo account helped familiarize him with the BEST Direct platform and ultimately led to his opening an account.

"Thank you for spending time with me today and going over the simulated platform. Using the simulated trading platform will help build the confidence I need to do the live trades. Again, many thanks for your help. You are a true ASSET to PFG Best."

From Jonathan W. in Banbury, UK to Julie Day, PFG Customer Relations Representative complimenting her on her expert customer service.

"Thank you for all of your patient and tolerant help. Julie, you are an iconic example of the true meaning of customer service."

From Krista in Las Vegas, NV, to PFG Customer Relations Representative Judy Styres regarding her appreciation of Judy’s kind and timely assistance as she learns to trade on the BEST Direct demo platform.

"Thanks for all your help this morning!!!! I appreciate the patient, personalized attention and all of the immediate answers you provided for me. That kind of consideration, treatment and service really removes the frustration and confusion of learning new software tools. I’m extremely pleased with my interactions with PFG to date as I’m demo-ing the software. Thanks again."

From Steve in La Mesa, CA, to PFG Customer Relations Representative Raquel Glitch about how he appreciates her reliable and excellent assistance.

"Thank you for your support and dedication. I appreciate your persistence... I value people that are genuine and have a helpful heart. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day."

From Julia in Springfield, MA, who has been trading on PFG's BEST Direct demo regarding her positive interactions with Customer Relations Representative Erin Stasi and the trading platform.

"...I have been trading with a competitor, however, I really prefer the front end system PFG has. Thank you for all of your help. You’ve been great."

From Dennis in New Hope, PA to PFG’s Senior Vice President of Communications with regard to how helpful Customer Relations Representatve Julie Day was in assisting him with his setup of PFG’s BEST Direct trading platform.

"In my business just like yours and being a senior executive myself, I always hear all the complaints. Sometimes I do get a sincere Thanks too and it is those employees who make our organizations strong. You are fortunate to have a similar person in your organization, Julie Day (Never met her and no relations), who has very helpful in getting us set up with proper software and addressing some critical issues.
So once again Thanks."

From Greg in Washington, to Hayley Wieskamp, PFG Customer Relations Representative, who proactively discovered he needed a commission adjustment on his statement for a $5 Dow trade.

"...This morning I had just pulled up my statement when your email came across....good job! I really appreciate your attention to detail particularly given that my account is of a small size [for now, but presumably not for long!] ...Thanks again for your efforts and well done."

From John in Brisbane, Australia, to Judy Styres, PFG Customer Relations Representative

"Thanks yet again to all do a great job!"

John is in Woodies CCI Club free chat room where Judy assisted him with his set up on the BEST Direct trading platform. He praised Judy's customer service expertise after she assisted him by explaining the new features, thus recapping the events from the chat room.

From Thad in Spring, TX, to his broker, Jackie Reitz, regarding his experiences with PFG's Customer Relations Team.

"...the couple of times I've needed technical support those guys were very prompt and helpful as well. Thanks again..."

From Mark in Toronto, to Paige Miller, PFG Customer Relations Director with respect to her assistance with his account.

"I will repeat something that I already said a few times; your service is absolutely impeccable and I do admire your professionalism."

From Bob in Santa Fe Springs, CA, to Ryan Hansen, PFG Customer Relations Manager about his new account with PFG and interaction with Judy Styres, PFG Customer Relations Representative

"The way Ms. Judy Styres has helped me get a clear understanding of the PFG Best Direct Platform as well as other Customer Service issues has been simply superb. Thank-you for hiring highly efficient and cordial people like Judy!!!!! It certainly is refreshing after working with a competitor where when I called I would get a pre-recorded message explaining that my wait time would be in excess of ten minutes, maybe more.

Both Peter Slaga and Patrick Steel said PFG would be like this, but quite frankly I thought it was ‘sales hype’...I was wrong. In fact, both Peter and Patrick have also been very helpful...

Thank-you again for hiring people like Judy and I look forward to a mutually profitable relationship."

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