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Personal Investors Alert:
First Complete Guide to Benefits and Uses of Single Stock Futures

SSFs are an important, alternative way to gain direct exposure to stocks

CHICAGO, Dec. 18, 2003: Bookstores will receive shipments of The Complete Guide To Single Stock Futures starting next week, and reporters are offered advance copies for review effective immediately by calling (319) 268-0441 to request a copy at no charge. Review copies will be sent out immediately. Personal interviews with the author can be arranged by calling Drew Mauck at (312) 346-2005.

In The Complete Guide To Single Stock Futures, author, CEO and trader Russell R. Wasendorf, Sr. explores the basics about how single stock futures (SSFs) work, and their utility to personal investors. Wasendorf sees great potential for the utility of, growth and acceptance of single stock futures. “I believe this will change the way people trade stocks in the U.S.,” he states.

Futures contracts on individual stocks were launched in Europe in 2001 on a wide range of stocks from 10 countries – including the U.S. When U.S. investors thoroughly understand the dynamics of single stock futures, of which there are now hundreds available on an array of global exchanges, SSFs will grow exponentially in volume, liquidity, and availability through online platforms for retail market participants, Wasendorf says.

An expert on electronic trading for individuals and brokers, an advocate of “on-demand” customer service in the futures trading industry, and a strong leader in education of investors worldwide, Wasendorf is publisher of SFO Magazine, the Official Journal for Personal Investing in Stocks, Futures & Options. He is also chairman and CEO of Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. (PFG) and Wasendorf & Associates. Additional books by Wasendorf include the best-selling All About Futures – The Easy Way to Get Started, as well as:

Commodity Trading: The Essential Primer (Dow Jones-Irwin, 1985)
All About Futures From The Inside Out (Probus Publishing Co., 1992)
All About Commodities From The Inside Out (Probus, 1992)
All About Options From The Inside Out (Probus, 1993)
All About Managed Futures From The Inside Out (Probus, 1993)

Consumers can log on to and look through the “bookstore” section to order specially-priced copies.