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PFGBEST® Introduces TradeVec For BESTDirect:

Top-Of-The-Line Software With Speed And Extreme Charting Tools For Professional Forex Traders

CHICAGO, May 26, 2011 – PFGBEST today announced that it now offers TradeVec for BESTDirect as a platform for the next generation of multi-asset, ultra low latency algorithmic trading in global foreign exchange (forex) and futures. TradeVec for BESTDirect is designed and built from the ground up by professional traders for other professional traders.

The feature-rich, new-generation software from TradeVec was demand-inspired by active, large-scale traders. “A primary advantage of TradeVec for BESTDirect is that it is a highly flexible application that seamlessly manages high volumes of real-time data across all major global markets. It is geared to streamline decision making and the time involved with execution,” said PFGBEST Director of Forex Business Development Ric Chappetto. TradeVec has incorporated ways to harness the power of new, data-streaming technology, and it puts institutional-quality analysis tools at the fingertips of professional traders no matter where they are located, giving faster performance in trade execution even under extreme market conditions, Chappetto added.

“With PFGBEST’s proximity hosting of data on the East Coast, at NY4, and the simultaneous connectivity to liquidity providers and exchanges through TradeVec for BESTDirect, one of the most critical advantages is speed, which can translate to better decisions and faster trade execution,” Chappetto asserted.

Another advantage that TradeVec offers is the visually-intuitive execution capabilities from the charting displays. The range of these displays lets professional foreign exchange market participants, and now futures market participants, evaluate and analyze real-time data from many new vantage points, and TradeVec introduces a vastly powerful execution system built right into the charts. It also has the functionality to monitor market depth inside any chart window to bring more clarity to trade decisions and execution.

Described as “intelligent chart order entry”, TradeVec for BESTDirect gives unprecedented control over order entry; a trader can interact with orders by moving a mouse inside the chart window. This action can easily alter the order type by moving over the appropriate price levels; it will intelligently track each mouse action, and appropriate order messages can be instantly sent to exchanges to place and adjust orders in milliseconds.

More than 12 algorithmic execution strategies can be automated with TradeVec for BESTDirect. Combining execution algorithms can help a professional trader create an unlimited number of hybrid entry and exit strategies. “Traders can place and track complex orders with greater speed and ease than ever before,” Chappetto noted.

As far as market analysis, TradeVec for BESTDirect provides more than 300 customizable sets of technical indicators, and it also permits the platform user to utilize a broad series of exclusive, proprietary indicators. The many drawing tools for analyzing markets, (Fibonacci retracements, Gann studies, trend lines, midrange charts, etc.) and other visual display and analysis tools aid professional foreign exchange traders in their interaction with market data.

PFGBEST is one of the largest, non-bank Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) in the U.S. The firm is a member of the National Futures Association, and is a Forex Dealer Merchant registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. PFGBEST is a rapidly-expanding global financial services and technology firm, specializing in electronic trading, futures, forex, options, managed accounts, and precious metals. The company is also an industry leader in investor education, and it offers numerous free webinars each week attended by hundreds of people wishing to further their knowledge and skills in trading, charting, trading psychology, and many other areas.

Media Contact: Patricia Campbell 312-775-3411