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Patricia Campbell
Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. (PFGBEST)
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Patriotic Employer Award Given to PFGBEST
for Supporting Employees Called for
Guard and Reserves Duty

PFGBEST was nominated by an employee who serves in the military

CEDAR FALLS, April 12, 2010 – An organization of volunteers who support the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. troops has presented PFGBEST Chairman and CEO Russell R. Wasendorf, Sr. an award for excellence in supporting employees who serve in the military.

The award is called the Patriotic Employer Award, given by the Iowa Area 5 group called ESGR – Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves. ESGR volunteers work to ensure USERRA laws are enforced, to educate people about ways they can be supportive of employees who fulfill service through the National Guard or Reserves, and to award excellence shown by civilian employers of veterans.

"Nearly half of the troops fighting for the U.S. are from the National Guard or Reserves," said Area 5 ESGR Chair Susan Dawson. (In addition to her volunteer role with ESGR, Dawson is Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at Allen College in Waterloo.)

Said Shaun Leistikow, who nominated Wasendorf and PFGBEST, "During the floods and tornadoes of 2008, we were able to be on duty but we still received our salary from PFGBEST. This was very helpful to our families." Leistikow added that there are other veterans from the Guard and Reserves employed at PFGBEST. “When we come back from military obligations, which include annual training and some class work, we have been fully covered by our colleagues and can get right back up to speed in our professional work at PFGBEST," he said. "We’d like to thank our CEO, Russ Wasendorf, for that." Leistikow serves with the 133rd Infantry detachment of Oelwein.

PFGBEST is a rapidly-expanding global financial services and technology firm, specializing in electronic trading, futures, foreign exchange, and managed accounts. Cedar Falls is also home to a variety of other Wasendorf enterprises, including SFO magazine; W&A Publishing; Traders Press Inc.; the family foundation Peregrine Charities; PFG Green Energy; PFG Precious Metals, Inc.; and, myVerona Ristorante Italiano;

Media Contact: Patricia Campbell (312) 775-3411