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Patricia Campbell
Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. (PFGBEST)
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Introducing PFG Best Direct FX Express: A Professional Foreign Exchange Trading Platform Built For The Individual

Chicago, January 11, 2007 – Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. (PFG) – the leader in retail futures – is now entering the retail forex market. The company today announced its launch of PFG Best Direct FX Express (FX Express), the customer-friendly online trading platform for investors, traders and brokers to use for foreign exchange trading.

"This platform performs well for individual traders by focusing on what individual foreign exchange traders want and need to assess the highly liquid, 24-hour currency marketplace without risking more than their account deposit," said PFG Chief Operating Officer Russ Wasendorf, Jr.

FX Express has a stable and accurate price feed, along with advanced hedging and straddle functionality. Here are some of the other advantages:

There are so many ways that the user can customize this to be their own perfect trading platform. The variety includes the ability to mix and match currency pair views, 130 different technical studies, account summaries, and a function showing all 20 currency pairs in a separate window. Trades can be placed from this window as well as from the main screen.

A small-sized ticker can be placed on any application and customized to carry important account information for viewing at all times, or for market news bulletins; trades can also be placed through the space-saving floating ticker.

By offering hedging on this retail trading platform, the user can be both long and short in the same currency pair at the same time without incurring additional margin. FX Express also provides the capability for traders to receive alerts for order execution management and other communications. Not the least of the advantages is the opportunity for currency traders using this platform to choose the contract sizes that best suit their trading style.

To learn more, or simulate trading on the platform, please visit; access FX Express directly via

The PFG Forex Division offers standard and customized (spot and futures) forex products and services so that individuals, multinational corporations and institutions can transact their foreign exchange requirements in the most liquid of environments, with ease.

PFG is one of the largest non-clearing U.S. futures commission merchants, with brokerage and branch offices in more than 20 countries. It is an industry leader in trader education and online futures trading through its BEST Direct™ platform, the first to deliver customer orders to the CME’s Globex engine in 1998. It offers a diverse range of trading and investment products and services. The company is a leader in managed funds and other alternative investments, full-service futures brokerage, and forex products and services. Please visit