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PFGBEST Chooses Equinix for Proximity Hosting

PFGBEST Typhoon aggregates FX liquidity from global providers and gives customers Direct Market Access (DMA)

REDWOOD SHORES, CA and Chicago, IL — January 27, 2011 —PFGBEST®, a global financial services and technology firm, and Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), a provider of global data center services, today announced that PFGBEST has selected Equinix to host its Typhoon direct market access solution for foreign exchange trading. PFGBEST is relocating its proprietary liquidity aggregation and order routing system to Equinix’s New York International Business Exchange™ (IBX®), NY4, to improve order routing performance and reduce latencies.

Russ Wasendorf, Jr., President and COO of PGFBEST, said: “Typhoon provides straight-through processing through the DMA model. In our continuing commitment to that successful business model, we’ve partnered with Equinix for proximity hosting in their NY4 data center. This move gets us closer to our liquidity providers and order execution venues. Doing so ultimately gives our clients a better trading experience. This benefits our forex clients by reducing latency, critical for getting the best prices available (and the tightest spreads) in the shortest possible time frame; that is how traders compete and profit.”

Typhoon is a strict, no-dealing-desk environment, which ensures client orders are matched to the best available prices. “PFGBEST is a forex trader’s single source of liquidity, and Typhoon gives clients access to the largest banks and global liquidity providers that compete to provide the best quotes,” said Mr. Wasendorf. “Now, proximity hosting, lower latency and DMA give PFGBEST clients an even greater edge in their trading.”

“Equinix is home to an evolving, high-performance global trading ecosystem where firms, hedge funds, execution venues, market data suppliers, network providers and trading technology vendors all connect to one another inside neutral, open marketplaces. This growing ecosystem gives us efficient and resilient access to markets and exchanges. Further, Equinix’s commitment to security and reliability allows us to focus on what matters most – our clients’ needs,” Wasendorf added.

Typhoon is a dynamic liquidity provisioning solution that can be tailored to meet the trading demands of all client types. Typhoon can be accessed through all of the PFGBEST electronic trading applications, including both proprietary platforms and direct API products. PFGBEST inaugurated Typhoon and began distributing the capability to its FX client base in 2009, and dollar volume through the system has increased some 30 percent month over month since then. PFGBEST created Typhoon as part of a strategy to create and own technologies so that clients are never at the mercy of vendors or third party providers. PFGBEST has also taken the development of Typhoon and applied it to precious metals dealers for its affiliate, PFG Precious Metals, Inc.

John Knuff, general manager of global financial services at Equinix, said: “We are thrilled to have PFGBEST become part of our growing financial services ecosystem. By locating inside Equinix, PGFBEST can provide its clients with high speed connectivity to dozens of financial services partners, including potential customers, market data providers and risk management providers.”

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PFGBEST is among the largest non-clearing U.S. Futures Commission Merchants, with customers, affiliates and offices in more than 80 countries. PFGBEST specializes in sustainable investing practices through electronic trading, futures, foreign exchange, options, managed accounts, full-service and discount brokerage, precious metals, and investor research. The company is also an industry leader in market education, offering numerous free webinars each week attended by hundreds of people wishing to further their knowledge and skill in trading, charting, electronic market access, trading psychology, and many other topics. To learn more about PFGBEST and its proprietary suite of trading products and platforms, including BESTDirect®, please visit

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PFGBEST is a rapidly-expanding global financial services and technology firm, specializing in electronic trading, futures, forex, options, and managed accounts. The company is also an industry leader in investor education, and it offers numerous free webinars each week attended by hundreds of people wishing to further their knowledge and skill in trading, charting, comprehending various government reports, enriching their understanding of trading psychology, and many other topics.

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