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Dear PFGBEST customers:

In the wake of MF Global Holdings Ltd. filing for Chapter 11 protection yesterday, and continuing investigation into whether and how MF Global failed to keep clients’ collateral separate from its own accounts, I would like to reaffirm the absolute dedication of PFGBEST to protect you and your PFGBEST accounts.

PFGBEST is not only customer-centric, but compliance-focused. We consider it a privilege to conduct business with you and to be an advocate for you. We abide by all regulations mandated by the CFTC and the rules of NFA to hold customer funds in segregated accounts that are always separate from operational funds. PFGBEST reports daily and monthly to the regulators concerning customer segregated funds. An independent, certified audit is conducted annually in addition to periodic, regular audits by NFA and information requests from the CFTC and exchange representatives.

It is our policy to keep extra funds on deposit in our customer segregation accounts to protect you.

PFGBEST has significant excess capital. Currently, PFGBEST holds 169% of the net capital required by the CFTC and NFA. All PFGBEST capital is held in cash or U.S. Treasury bills. PFGBEST does not use subordinated debt as capital.

PFGBEST does not clear customer transactions with MF Global, and it is not a counterparty for PFGBEST.

PFGBEST does not do proprietary trading; the only trading done by PFGBEST is in specific instances by emerging CTAs that PFGBEST allocates funds to (always less than $100k) so that they can become "products" that the PFGBEST Managed Futures Division can then offer to customers. The total amount of funds currently allocated is less than $400k.

PFGBEST is in communication with regulators and exchanges to assist in any way with solutions for the MF Global customers impacted by recent events.

Thank you.

Russ Wasendorf, Jr.
President and Chief Operating Officer

Media contact: Patricia Campbell 312–775–3411