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Patricia Campbell
Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. (PFGBEST)
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PFG’s BEST Direct FAST™ package now available

Patent pending on the complete package for active traders to execute dynamic, synthetic orders online

CHICAGO, February 9, 2005 – Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. (PFG) today announced that it has effected a groundbreaking upgrade to the PFG BEST Direct™ online trading system under the new brand (PFG) BEST Direct FAST, the dynamic "Focus And Select Technology (FAST)™".

(PFG) BEST Direct FAST provides online futures traders a new generation of order entry and system tracking capabilities. It creates the best possible trading station for personal traders and for institutional clients alike. The brand excels by combining the ultra-reliable PFG BEST Direct platform with the superior software of TradeMaven LLC for implementing trading programs.

Dynamic “Focus and Select Technology” is patent pending. This is a unique and true innovation that enables traders to place fast dynamic, synthetic orders not offered by all exchanges, such as bracket orders, trailing stops, OCOs (One-Cancels-the-Other orders) MITs (Market-If-Touched orders) synthetic stops, break-even stops and more.

“This allows futures day traders to autotrade systems using easy menu steps rather than having to hire and wait for costly, customized software programming,” said Russ Wasendorf, Jr., PFG chief operations officer. “Being able to autotrade using dynamic “Focus and Select Technology” saves time, money, and risk for the end user,” he said.

(PFG) Best Direct FAST blends TradeMaven’s capability of providing reliable tick charts with studies that are customized to fit certain trading systems. Traders benefit from the flexibility and functionality of individualized charts that accommodate their personal trading style. All of this can be displayed on one screen along with positions, other account management information, and current markets.

(PFG) BEST Direct FAST was developed in conjunction with TradeMaven LLC and was demonstrated publicly in October at the Futures Industry Expo as beta testing was completed. Utilization of the (PFG) BEST Direct FAST platform is backed up and synchronized with the standard BEST Direct platform, which the two other key competitors cannot offer.

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PFG is one of the largest futures commission merchants with brokerage and branch offices around the world. It offers a diverse range of trading and investor products and services. The company is a leader in offering alternative investment vehicles such as managed funds, full-service brokerage, trader education, research, and direct online futures trading through its BEST Direct platform.