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Patricia Campbell
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PFG Hires Dan McMullin, Senior Trading Analyst

Extreme rate of growth heats up demand for industry professionals

CHICAGO, July 18, 2006: Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. (PFG) is increasing its futures and forex analysts and sales professionals to keep up with the growth in business and customer interest. Hired as PFG senior trading analyst is Dan McMullin, creator of several proprietary market tools, former CME member and independent floor trader and long-time industry veteran.

McMullin will work closely with PFG brokerage teams as a resource for them and for clients. He will also participate in further development of proprietary trading strategies along with PFG Forex and PFG commodities groups, and will serve existing and new customers for PFG.

“Retail futures investors face a number of specific challenges,” McMullin notes. Often, he says, itís not having the right strategy which can lead to hesitancy, fear, missed trades and other lost opportunities. Sometimes, investors donít know which markets are best to exploit for new diversification strategies. “PFG has a strong record of providing futures investors with the products and resources they need to address these issues and grow as traders,” he explained, adding that as a PFG analyst, customers seek his expertise on learning when to enter or exit trades, how much of their account to allocate, or how to elect the best times to pyramid, hedge, or exit a position.

McMullin has twenty years of personal trading and trade analysis experience. Tools he has created include the Critical Bars Indicator and the CB3 Directional Filter. He is editor of The Covered Futures Report, The Critical Bars Advisory Newsletter, and The Top Three Picks Report, all of which are available through arrangement with PFG.

PFG Chief Operations Officer Russ Wasendorf, Jr. noted that McMullin will bring his personal trading expertise, advocacy for electronic markets, and proprietary market analysis to bear for the firmís fast-growing base of retail investors. “Weíve seen hyper-growth of approximately 500% in customer volume and demand for PFG Forex compared with 2005. PFG is on track to see an annual retail forex volume of $100 billion, and electronic futures business has also grown more than 50% in eight months,” Wasendorf said.

PFG is one of the largest non-clearing U.S. futures commission merchants, with brokerage and branch offices in more than 20 countries. PFG is an industry leader in trader education and online futures trading through its BEST Direct™ platform, the first to deliver customer orders to the CME’s Globex engine in 1998. It offers a diverse range of trading and investment products and services. The company is a leader in managed funds and other alternative investments, full-service futures brokerage, and forex products and services. Please visit