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Develop New Trading Skills: Trade Binary Options Contracts On the BESTDirect Online Trading Platform

CHICAGO, February 29, 2012 – Geeks are the new cool. You, too, can increase your geek appeal and your trading prowess by learning about binary options. Either practice trade them (free) or trade for real, with limited risk, on the BESTDirect® online trading platform. The low barrier to entry characteristics will help you get started, and get your groove going. Become a binary options trading warrior! PFGBEST will soon be sponsoring competitions for those trading Nadex’s binary options, so watch for that information in days ahead!

Why binary options, and why trade them on BESTDirect?

BESTDirect, the proprietary, online, multi-asset-class trading platform of PFGBEST, offers real-time market data on binary options, with the ability to trade directly from the Options Chart Trader window on the platform. While they may sound complicated, binary options are not only easy to trade, they are inexpensive, and the risk is "capped."

Here is an example. Binary options, in essence, are ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, where you trade your opinion on the market closing price of one of six products (contracts). For example, will the Wall Street 30 stock index close above 13,000 today? If you buy an option anticipating that it will, and it does close above 13,000, then ‘yes’ was a correct answer, and the binary settles at 100. If ‘no’, it settles at 0. In placing your trade on BESTDirect, you will see a list of option strike prices and what the “bid” is to buy each contract at that strike price, and what the “ask” is to sell one or more contracts at that strike price. You can also see a price chart that offers a visual of the market’s movement over time, where it is now, and the strike prices will be listed on that chart. You can click right on it to buy or sell an option at a particular strike price in order to make your trade as to whether you think the market will close above, or below, that level. (Note that all of the binaries offered on BESTDirect are daily options.) Then, when the market closes, if you are right, $100 will be added to your account. The purchase price you paid for the option will already be deducted from your account at this point. Your profit would be $100 minus your purchase price for the option. If you are wrong, zero will be added and your loss would be capped at the amount you paid for the option.

You can practice trade for free to test yourself and your understanding of the concepts and how trading and account management works. If you are trading for real, the only other fee associated with trading binary options on BESTDirect is a 90-cent transaction cost for each trade; buy, or sell, then close out the position at the end of the day. This is per contract, unlike in securities transactions, where the transaction cost is one price no matter how many contracts you buy or sell in a single trade.

The low barrier to entry for binary options means you only need $100 to trade. You can place orders to trade out of a binary option position at any point prior to expiration.

Currently, these Nadex binary options products can be traded on the BESTDirect platform:

  1. U.S. 500 index
  2. Wall Street 30 index
  3. Crude oil
  4. Gold
  5. Silver
  6. EUR/USD

Please visit for answers to any questions you have in order to feel comfortable about signing up to practice trade binary options, or to open an account and get started! Contact PFGBEST Customer Service directly with any questions (toll free) at 855-PFGBEST (855) 734-2378 or at (319) 553-2172. Or you can e-mail your inquiry to

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Media Contact: Patricia Campbell 312-775-3411

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