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PFGBEST® Introduces Autochartist For Foreign ExchangeTrading

Top-Of-The-Line, Real-Time, Extreme Charting Analysis Tools For Professional Forex Traders

CHICAGO, June 1, 2011 – PFGBEST today announced it has an agreement with Autochartist, a technology company that provides a chart pattern recognition application, market commentary, and other research and training services to traders who use MetaTrader4® (MT4), BESTDirect 8.0® or other electronic platforms for forex markets.

Said PFGBEST President and Chief Operating Officer Russ Wasendorf, Jr.: “Many of our platforms are designed by and for professional traders. They, along with the broad-based forex trading client base that PFGBEST serves, truly revel in having Autochartist in their arsenal so that they can benefit from the early notification of potential trade opportunities. The educational materials Autochartist supplies are also perfectly aligned with our creed that educated traders enjoy a longer, and more satisfying experience in the markets.”

Autochartist is a powerful market-scanning tool that automatically scans for and identifies chart and Fibonacci patterns throughout the trading day in real time. It delivers both audio and visual alerts, which further highlight trading opportunities as they arise. Because Autochartist scans massive quantities of market data and automatically detects pre-defined patterns, it saves time and effort as traders no longer have to rely on or acquire years of training to recognize chart patterns.

Said Ilan Azbel, Autochartist CEO: “We believe the relationship between PFGBEST and Autochartist will provide traders of all levels with a unique benefit of having one of the world’s best-known brands in technical analysis merge with one of the Nation’s Top 50 Brokers. Furthermore, it is clear that the PFGBEST brand is completely aligned with that of Autochartist’s values, whereby the Autochartist team has ensured the success of the Autochartist product suite, a comprehensive educational resource centre, for ongoing, customer-driven success.”

Autochartist is accompanied by research and educational materials that empower traders to utilize technical analysis in their trading. It automatically plots support and resistance lines, catering to both breakout and swing traders. Users can define custom search criteria to filter out unwanted data so that only the chart patterns most relevant to their trading style will appear.

PFGBEST is one of the largest, non-bank Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) in the U.S. The firm is a member of the National Futures Association, and is a Forex Dealer Merchant registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. PFGBEST is a rapidly-expanding global financial services and technology firm, specializing in electronic trading, futures, forex, options, managed accounts, and precious metals. The company is also an industry leader in research and investor education, and it offers numerous free webinars each week attended by hundreds of people wishing to further their knowledge and skills in trading, charting, trading psychology, and many other areas.

Media Contact: Patricia Campbell 312-775-3411