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PFGBEST® Research Posts 2011 Commodities Outlook

CHICAGO, January 3, 2011 – PFGBEST, one of the nation’s largest non-clearing Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), has published its annual market-by-market analysis with a look at what is anticipated in the year ahead.

The PFGBEST Research Outlook 2011 covers currencies, interest rates, stock indexes, precious metals, grains, livestock, softs and has a bonus feature of an institutional forex perspective.

The PFGBEST Research Outlook 2011 is free and available at

In his cover letter to clients, PFGBEST President and Chief Operating Officer Russ Wasendorf, Jr. cited the U.S. budget deficit of $1.1 trillion, along with state and local government bankruptcies, as a trend that is being closely followed by investors.

He said other trends that continue to be a focus for investors and traders include the slow expansion of the U.S. economy, growing at just 2.7 percent; unemployment statistics with the rate of 9 percent not expected to change in the year ahead; and, a positive factor that U.S. business spending is again on tract at a double digit rate of improvement.

In addition to these trends, the PFGBEST Research analysts expound on the impact of declining government surplus spending, and impacts from extending the Bush tax cuts, in addition to fundamental reporting on supply and demand, weather, the influence of mega-funds in the futures markets and other detail for each sector.

The PFGBEST Research Outlook 2011 also contains some market price projections and targets.

Anyone can visit to register for their FREE, electronic version of the PFGBEST Research Outlook 2011. PFGBEST Research analysts are available for interviews daily. Just call 1-855-PFGBEST (734-2378).

PFGBEST is a rapidly-expanding global financial services and technology firm, specializing in electronic trading, futures, forex, options, and managed accounts. The company is also an industry leader in investor education, and it offers numerous free webinars each week attended by hundreds of people wishing to further their knowledge and skill in trading, charting, comprehending various government reports, enriching their understanding of trading psychology, and many other topics.

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