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PFGBEST Systems Trading Director Herb Kral helps match active investors and traders with advisors and systems that fit with their trading goals. He is skilled at delivering new solutions to PFGBEST clients who wish to have their preferred system integrated for new ways to auto-trade the markets.

For auto-execution functionality, the BESTDirect Online Trading platform can serve multiple front ends including those used to trade futures and forex. Currently, PFGBEST offers numerous trading programs set up to automatically enter trades into BESTDirect, with no interaction required by a client or broker.

The computerized trading programs participate in a variety of markets ranging from stock indices and currencies to grains and energies. PFGBEST can also create customized portfolios to enhance existing portfolios by offering non-correlated alternative trading solutions. The developers of the various trading systems have extensive backgrounds that cover a wide variety of elements in the industry. PFGBEST owns the software which enables instant execution of automatic triggers on the BESTDirect Online Trading platform.

PFGBEST can help clients who currently trade a specific system, or who track a system in a simulation environment by setting that system up for auto-execution on BESTDirect. This can be done for live trading or for simulated trading, for both futures and forex systems.

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