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What’s New?

• Ahoy! Something you cannot get anywhere else! A SpongeBob SquarePants collectible, limited-edition 4-coin set, just in time for the holidays! Help your little tyke learn about money or for those of you with a coin lover on your list, this is going fast! Go to!

• For more than a year, PFG Precious Metals has offered the wherewithal to systematically invest as little as $100 per month to accumulate gold (or $50 per month for silver!)  It’s called the Gold and Silver Accumulation Program (GSAP). Money can be applied to this kind of routine investing by direct deduction from your checking account or your credit card. Learn more today!  You can sign up online very easily.

• Go For The Gold! This is an educational event co-sponsored by the CME Group to help train people to trade various sized gold and silver futures on the BESTDirect® online trading platform! It continues through December 16 but we will likely do another competition as this generated thousands of new practice trading accounts. People loved winning gold and silver coins for their prize-winning simulated trading results, and the contest helped familiarize many novice market participants with the contracts and what the online trading platform can do.  More info:

• PFGBEST Research analyst Mike Daly’s futures market commentaries on precious metals can be accessed at His direct contact information is there if you have any questions about the futures market. Mike often is a source for International Business Times, Kitco News and other international media on what COMEX / CME Group floor traders are thinking and doing.

• Check out Ben Kutz, a.k.a. The Gold Guy! Ben will give you the heads up on new products and services, market insights, and offer fun facts on a daily basis.