Gold and Silver Accumulation Program (GSAP)

GSAP was designed to offer precious metals to individual investors at affordable prices. Previously limited to investing by full-weight increments, now investors can make monthly purchases of gold, silver or a combination of both, based on your investment parameters. Start with as little as $50 per month!

» Why accumulate metals?

Some people invest in metals as a hedge against inflation or a hedge against the falling US dollar. An added bonus is that you are accumulating the real gold and silver which hold value everywhere. Open a gold and silver accumulation account as a way to help your children learn about savings and investing. It's a low-cost way to invest and save.

» Other advantages

• Investment and portfolio diversification

• Dollar cost averaging

• Affordable - starting at $50 per month

• Easy to fund

Open a GSAP account today!
Accumulate with $50 per month

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